Watauga Historical Association LIES!

The below posted on:
Watauga Historical Association 

"SCV helped WHA members mow a few times way back about 2005 and they helped WHA obtain and put some tombstones up at the Confederate Graves. . They were only there until the Confederate tombstones were put up, then they moved on. The SCV resurfaced in 2010 when they ask WHA for permission to place a 30 foot flagpole in the cemetery along with a 3X3 marker with the names of ALL Confederate soldiers buried in Carter County on it. The WHA denied the request and this is when the name calling, and harrassment of the WHA by SCV members began and it continues to this day. These are the true actions of an HONORABLE GROUP OF PEOPLE. and now they are holding a "FLAGGING" to protest the upgrades and care WHA has given to the cemetery for many years, including the installation of a gate to keep vandals from driving over the graves. Protest, name calling and marching up and down a street waving flags does not add up to HONOR or RESPECT to anyone. Not in my book anyway. There's a lot more to the story, stay tuned." ~ Vicki Curtis
We act independent as The Tennessee Confederate Flaggers only.

The Tennessee Confederate Flaggers ARE NOT affiliated with the SCV or any other organization.... Period!
Any one or any organization would make a fool of themselves trying to prove we are!


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