The Truth About the Rise of the Confederate Battle Flag


The scandal that erupted in Charlottesville this week surrounding Vice-Mayor Wes Bellamy, and our coverage of it due to the direct connection to his efforts to remove the Robert E. Lee statue and rename Lee Park, has led many Charlottesville citizens to reach out to us. One conversation I had this week with a Charlottesville resident was particularly poignant.

This gentleman said that he first heard of us when Bellamy originally started his war against Charlottesville’s Confederate history and heritage by announcing his intentions to convince City Council to tear down the Robert E Lee monument and rename Lee Park. Although he had never really had any deep affection for the Confederacy, the young man told me that something about the fact that one man was trying to erase history, displace a beautiful monument, and divide the community really bothered him so he went down to Bellamy’s press conference to hear what he had to say. When he got there, he saw the usual Charlottesville leftist activists, contrasted by a number of folks carrying Confederate flags. He went on to say that the sight of those flags really caught him off guard and he admits hesitating when considering whether to approach us. He said that when he did approach and struck up a conversation with a couple of Flaggers, it quickly became clear that we were the good guys… decent, God-fearing Americans fighting with no agenda other than to save our history and heritage from politicians looking to make a name for themselves.

Even so, he remembers that his first impression of us with flags was that we were the “fringe” of the heritage movement.

Fast forward to November, 2016, and he says it is obvious to him now that we are no longer the fringe, but have moved firmly into the mainstream. He said the election in November has proven that citizens are sick and tired of being labeled “racist” for standing up for what they believe in, and that our efforts, and the manner in which we have conducted ourselves over the years have helped to bring our fight to the mainstream.

He closed by sharing that six months ago, he had a view of the battle flag that wasn’t exactly negative, but mostly indifferent, tainted by the media and others’ efforts. Now, he says, he sees the battle flag for what it REALLY is…a powerful symbol of resistance to tyranny and he understands perfectly why more people are picking it up and carrying it.

Even the press has mentioned this phenomenon recently. I have seen several articles talking about the “rise of the Confederate flag”. Of course, the leftist media, still twisted up over the election results, and needing some way to explain why there are MORE Confederate flags flying now than in any time in recent history, attempts to tie it all to the mythical rise of “racism” or “white supremacy, but that old, worn out, FALSE narrative is losing all traction.

The rise of the Confederate Battle Flag has nothing to do with race or supremacy, but has everything to do with Americans being fed up with being called “racists” and “white supremacists” just because they hold conservative, traditional beliefs or disagree with those who don't. It’s about a growing anger and defiance against the onslaught of attacks against our monuments, memorials, flags, and history, each incident a direct and deliberate assault against the honor and valor of the Confederate soldier, our Grandfathers. It’s about Americans standing up and coming together to stop the PC destruction of our country. It’s about standing in defiance against an overreaching and tyrannical Federal Government.

It’s about all of these things, but for the Virginia Flaggers, it always has been, and always will be, first and foremost…about the Confederate soldier.

~Susan Hathaway
Photo courtesy Judy Smith Photography

VICTORY in Alexandria! Confederate Monument to STAY PUT

It appears that Alexandria's lawmakers have taken the pulse of their constituents and decided that trying to move the monument would not be good for their political careers! They have REFUSED Alexandria City Council's request to petition the legislature for permission to remove the monument. "Appomattox" will remain right where he should! 


"State Sen. Adam Ebbin (D), the senior local legislator, told the council that there was no reason to think the legislature would approve an exemption from a state law that prohibits the relocation of war memorials.
“It wouldn’t help us advance the rest of our priorities, and it’s not a productive use of our time,” Ebbin said.
Del. Charniele Herring (D) agreed, adding that there is no legal basis for requesting an exemption. Del. Mark Levine (D) said that after the council’s vote, he received about a dozen calls opposing the statue’s move and none in favor.Ebbin had earlier signaled the unlikelihood of getting such a bill through the legislature, calling it “a non-starter” unless the United Daughters of the Confederacy, which owns the statue, would publicly back the idea of moving it. Mayor Allison Silberberg (D), who met with the group’s local president, said the organization would not take such a stance."

God bless the ladies of the Alexandria UDC Chapter who DID NOT BACK DOWN OR COMPROMISE!
After the Alexandria City Council voted to try to move the “Appomattox” statue out of this intersection, someone posted a sign on its base calling council members “cowards.” (Linda Kramer Jenning)
CALL TO ACTION:  Call, email, and/or write these legislators and THANK them for their decision!

State Senator Adam Ebbin:  
General Assembly Building
Room No: 328
Senate of Virginia
P. O. Box 396
Richmond, VA 23218
Phone: (804) 698-7530
Fax: (804) 698-7651
Email district30@senate.virginia.gov

Del. Charniele Herring
General Assembly Building
P.O. Box 406
Richmond, Virginia 23218
Office: (804) 698-1046
Email Address:DelCHerring@house.virginia.gov

Del. Mark Levine
General Assembly Building
P.O. Box 406
Richmond, Virginia 23218
Office: (804) 698-1045
Email Address:DelMLevine@house.virginia.gov 
The renaming of Jefferson Davis Highway is also not a done deal, by any means.  We will have an update and call to action soon...

Good news out of Charlottesville today, too!  Look for an update soon...

What a great day in the Commonwealth!

Susan Hathaway
Va Flaggers


Anti-Trump Vandals Strike in the Last Capital of the Confederacy...And Get a BIG Surprise

A business owner in Danville wanted to make a statement with his new sign and our own Judy Smith helped design one that would be a daily reminder of Danville City Council's decision to bow to pressure from local agitators and desecrate the Confederate Memorial on the grounds of the Last Capitol of the Confederacy by stripping the Third National flag from the monument.

He also happened to be a Trump supporter, and when the new sign was installed, he had workers place the Trump campaign sign shown in the photo below (temporarily) over the new sign:

Last night, vandals in Danville decided that they couldn't take seeing the Trump signs any longer, and apparently climbed a ladder to tear down the sign, as well as several others in town.

Imagine for a moment the look on their faces after they ripped down the Trump campaign sign and realized what their criminal act had revealed...
(You can still see the remains of the campaign sign on the corners.)

You just can't make this stuff up!

We hope you enjoyed this as much as we did!  Special thanks to Tommy Goddard and his crew at Sky High Poles in Danville for sharing the photos and information.


This article is from Susan Frise Hathaway of Virginia Flaggers
November 22, 2016


Dixie Rising - FOUR New Roadside Confederate Battle Flag Memorials Raised!

On the heels of a blog post by one of the pseudo-historian, Confederate hating bloggers, declaring that the "Retreat of the Confederate Flag Continues", we received word today of THREE new Roadside Memorial Battle Flags that were installed today...one in Virginia, and two in North Carolina...this on top of one installed in the Old North State last week!

Someone really should tell Mr. Levin to stop making stuff up.  It just makes him look SILLY!
ROXBORO, NC - Hwy 158 East (Oxford Highway) 2 miles east of town

The Roxboro Grays, SCV Camp 1932 have finished installation of a 40' pole for a Roadside Battle Flag Memorial.  A flag raising/dedication service will be held on Saturday, December 10th at 10:30 a.m. The memorial will be dedicated to Brigadier General Matt Ransom. Ransom was field general of the 35th N.C. Many Person Co. soldiers were under his command.

Maj. Charles Q. Petty’s Mechanized Cavalry SCVMCNC installed a new flag and pole at their SCV camp sign!  Welcome to NORTH CAROLINA!

Late Saturday afternoon ActBac NC finished installation of their first roadside battle flag project.  The 40' pole will fly an 8x12 battle flag and will be dedicated to the memory of 
1st  Lt Jeremiah Holt 63rd NCST Co F , KIA Winchester VA 1864.

Information on the pending flag raising/dedication ceremony will be released soon.

The Lane-Armistead SCV Camp #1772, raised a 40' Roadside Memorial and Battle Flag on Saturday afternoon!
The flag dedication ceremony is set for 11:00 a.m., Saturday, December 3rd.  https://www.facebook.com/events/633669463506799/

That's THREE new massive battle flags raised in the Old North State this month... and the 27th raised in the Commonwealth since the fall of 2013, and from all indications, there are many, many more to come.

Retreat: an act of moving back or withdrawing 

Perhaps Mr. Levin doesn't quite understand the meaning of the word,  but keep in mind that this is the same man who once boldly predicted "that there will be no Confederate flag on I-95 near Richmond" (bless his heart!).

The Va Flaggers offer our most sincere congratulations to all of the dedicated men and women who worked so hard to make these latest Memorial Battle Flags a reality.  There is no more beautiful reminder of the honor and valor of our Confederate veterans, and the Cause for which they fought and died.

Susan Hathaway
Va Flaggers


Fallout From The Va Flaggers Anniversary Celebrations - Changing Hearts & Minds

Fallout From The Va Flaggers Anniversary Celebrations - Changing Hearts & Minds
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Last week was a big one for us in many ways. We have already reported on the great turnout and successful fund raising at our picnic on Sunday, but it turns out that there are more far reaching effects than can be measured by head counts and calculator totals, and we wanted to share a couple of things with our friends and supporters.

On Saturday, the day before the picnic, we held our regularly scheduled flagging of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.  On October 1st, we will mark FIVE years of (twice weekly) protests on the sidewalk on the Boulevard, and since we had friends and supporters coming in from out of town, we had a pretty good crowd, with over a dozen flaggers out forwarding the colors, lining the sidewalk in front of the VMFA. 

There was a lot of traffic out that afternoon, and we had a very special visitor.  Corporal Charles Bacon (AKA “Crosby”, a pet pig, joined the Flaggers and was an instant hit.  Adults and children were drawn to us and our little four legged ambassador served to open the door to MANY more conversations than we typically experience.
One Flagger filed this report:

“Barry and I talked to a few people and I'm just amazed of just how uneducated some people...especially the college kids are. We talked to these two and the one said she was surprised how nice we were. She made the comment that we didn't seem to be the "norm" when it came to those who carried the flag. We let them know that we ARE the "norm "and that we're not hateful or racist people. We explained that the vast majority of us are just honoring our heritage and that we're tired of the attacks on our heritage, monuments etc…”

It was a FANTASTIC afternoon on the Boulevard with many, many good conversations, and opportunities to advance the flags of Dixie, and educate folks about our history, our veterans, and the flags under which they fought and died.  It would be enough if that were the end of the story, but there’s more…it gets even better…
We found this post on Instagram:
Looks like a couple of guys saw our Flaggers on the sidewalk at the VMFA and decided to come to the picnic Sunday.  On social media, they talk about wanting to take photos and do interviews, looking to expose the hate and “racism” within our group.  Our greeter remembers them well and took extra time to welcome them and share literature and information since they appeared to be visiting.

In the end, they found NOTHING to report.  Several hours with over 300 Confederate Heritage Supporters, and NOT ONE trace of anything objectionable to report.  All they found was nice folks and some cool auction items.  Oh yeah...and “less seething than expected”.  :)

When asked what he expected to find, his friend reports “I expected a crowd just  out for something to do on a Sunday afternoon.  The allegations of extreme racism weren’t validated.”

They came searching for hate…and left with TRUTH.  How cool is that?

Have I mentioned how proud I am to be a Va Flagger?

Barry Isenhour
VA Flaggers


Va Flaggers 5th Anniversary Picnic & Auction Photos & Report

Beautiful day...great food and fellowship...and an outpouring of support!.
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Thanks to our wonderful supporters, guests, and Flagger family, our 5th Anniversary picnic and auction was our best ever!

We had the Mobile Flagger Response Unit set up for display and tours and it was a HUGE hit. She has been outfitted with a 55" screen TV and sound system. We debuted this Sunday at the picnic and the response was overwhelmingly positive. This is going to be a great tool for reaching folks with videos and other media that teach and recruit!
There was something for everyone, but the the theme of the day was FAMILY and our first ever "Little Rebels Boot Camp" was a GREAT success!  Many thanks to the men of the Capt. William Latane Camp 1690 SCV for all of your hard work in making this happen.  The kids loved it and I've had parents already asking if we are going to do it again next year
Everyone enjoyed the music by Virginia Dare, and our friends from the Virginia Scots Guard Pipes and Drums.
Thanks to a large, generous crowd, and the wonderful donations received from across the country, we surpassed our fund raising goal for the third straight year! 
We were honored to meet many folks for the first time, have the chance to visit with old friends and family, and get the opportunity to share some of our history as well as our plans for the future.

Message received Monday:
I would like to sincerely thank the The Virginia Flaggers organization for such a great anniversary event. This is the first time attending one of your events, and my family and I felt very welcome, there was such a family atmosphere that we felt right at home even though we were meeting people for the first time. Clearly this is a group of individuals with class and honor, and I look forward to supporting your group and attending events in the future.
Thank you again. -DC Ward
The Virginia Flaggers with to thank everyone who contributed in ANY way to make this day possible. We could never pull something like this off without the generous support and hard work of so many dedicated people.

We are already looking forward to next year!

With a grateful heart,
Susan Hathaway
Va Flaggers


Kevin Levin Comes Unhinged as Va Flaggers Celebrate 5 Years of Success

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Kevin Levin Comes Unhinged as Va Flaggers Celebrate 5 Years of Success

Well folks, it appears that on the eve of the celebration of our fifth anniversary, we have, seriously, gone and done it this time. We have REALLY ticked off the anti-Confederate, leftist, pseudo-historian bloggers. I received several messages yesterday from supporters and friends letting me know that one of them, frustrated by the lack of audience on his own blog site, had submitted the contents of his most recent blog post to one of the liberal news outlets, who reprinted it word for slanderous word.
This is the same man who, a few years ago, falsely accused us of fabricating a story when Washington & Lee initially denied reports of a young man being asked to take off an SCV cap and turn an SCV t-shirt inside out before being allowed to visit LEE Chapel.
Once again, he uses the same old, tired “7 degrees of separation” theories to try and link us (and me, especially) to anyone and anything they think will FINALLY turn the public against us. It appears these neo-yankee bloggers seem to have been heavily influenced recently by a relatively new blogger who hides behind anonymity and tries to out-SPLC the SPLC with his fraudulent "links and ties" method of character assassination. Nothing new here, folks. Just another re-hash of the same old “gotcha” claims that have failed repeatedly over the past five years.
Why the obsession with the Va Flaggers and with me? Why the anger? What drives these men to spend so much of their time attacking decent, God-fearing people who have never done anything that should have the least relevance to them?
The answer is simple…
Yes, winning. 14 months after Nikki Haley pulled her little politically motivated stunt in Columbia (how’s that working for ya, Nikki?) and the whole country seemed to lose its collective mind and jump on the “everything Confederate’s GOT TO GO” bandwagon, the fact is that there are now MORE Confederate flags flying than ever, MORE Confederate monuments standing, and MORE folks waking up every day and taking a stand against what has been exposed as nothing more than the left’s attempt to silence us by destroying our history and heritage. It is no coincidence that this slanderous article appears on the eve of the celebration of our FIFTH anniversary, and three years after the author’s infamous and embarrassing FAILED prediction:
"Prediction: There will be no Confederate flag on I-95 near Richmond" ... Kevin Levin Aug 18, 2013.
This, of course, turned out to be as completely inaccurate as did their NUMEROUS failed predictions over the past five years of the imminent and pending doom of the Va Flaggers.
In fact, we have experienced quite the contrary. Since the first flag was raised on I-95 a little over a month after his failed prediction, we have raised 25 MORE flags in the Commonwealth. We have several flag sites currently under construction, and if everything goes according to schedule, hope to have at least 30 roadside Memorial Flags flying in the Commonwealth before the end of the year.
Our numbers and support are growing daily, not shrinking. Our social media audience just surpassed 41K over the past 24 hours, and we get new requests to join our email list on a DAILY basis.
Requests for speaking engagements are coming in so fast that I can barely keep up with getting them scheduled. I have been blessed with the privilege of traveling across the country to share the inspirational story of the Va Flaggers, and the TRUTH about our Confederate ancestors. Along the way, I have had the honor meeting some of the finest folks in this country. For every hate filled tirade like his, we receive dozens of notes like this one, from a visit last week:
Hi Susan,
I cannot express how much we all enjoyed your informative presentation.
We always learn something at these meetings however your presentation was the best we have ever experienced. Your spirit and enthusiasm was absorbed by all of us. Remarkably, no one was sleeping thru your entire presentation! A first for our Camp!
Take care and keep up the Amazing work that you and the Virginia Flaggers do!
Joe W.
Turner Ashby Camp 1567
While these bloggers may find a photo of one of our folks, in a public venue, standing next to someone they find objectionable…or an inappropriate comment on a social media site, made by someone with whom we have some sort of connection… the fact of the matter is that they STILL, after 5 years have found NOTHING to prove ANY kind of claims of “hate” within our group…because it simply DOES NOT EXIST.
And the REAL issue here…what REALLY puts a bee in their bonnet... is that ordinary Americans are getting sick and tired of listening to these people continue to spread the lie that we, our ancestors, and even the flags they fought under are somehow “racist”, or that monuments erected to honor our veterans have ties to “white supremacy”, and using these lies as an excuse to attempt to completely annihilate our history and heritage. Citizens are finally starting to rise up and push back against the nonsense, and they are (naturally) rallying to the Battle Flag and its symbolism of freedom and resistance to tyranny…and to folks like us who have never put it down.
The tide is turning folks, and they cannot stand the fact that we will not sit down, shut up and “get over it”. I count it all gain when it comes to being the target of personal attacks from folks like this. We must be doing something right if we’ve got them spending so much time consumed with our every move. At the very least, it means less time spent influencing others with their social justice laced brand of “history”.
Mr. Levin,

Your hit piece on Susan only encourages we Southerns. More flags will go up.

From my upcoming book on Captain Corker
Captain Corker headed a group of the boys to visit the “Crater”**. This “spot presented special Interest to the survivors of the Third as they had helped to drive the enemy back from the “Mine” on the terrible day of the “Blow up,” and in the charge lost their intrepid ensign, Mayor Gregory (Petersburg, Va.) took the old battle flag of the Veterans and planted it amidst wild cheers upon the ramparts at the “Crater” and again it fluttered in the wind where more than eleven years before it had blazed defiantly in the face of the foe and was followed into “the jaws of death, into the mouth of hell” as cannon “bellowed and thundered.”

“The Augusta Chronicle, August 15, 1875

The South was Right

John C. Hall, Jr.
Many thanks for sharing your letter with us, Mr. Hall, and to Carl Roden for his thoughtful response here:


Thank you both…and thank you all for your continued prayers and support. We are fully committed to continuing the work of advancing the flags of Dixie, defending the good name of the Confederate soldier, protecting our monuments and memorials, and raising more beautiful flags across the Commonwealth and beyond.

When it comes to these hateful personal attacks, just remember folks, they hate us... because they AIN'T us.

Susan Hathaway
Va Flaggers