In The Wake of the Battle Flag - Answering the Critics in Danville


After Saturday’s wildly successful flag raising ceremony in Danville, Va, where over 700 people gathered in the sweltering heat and red clay dust to dedicate and raise the largest battle flag ever flown in the Commonwealth, press reports quickly spread across the country. Over a half dozen news agencies came to record the event, most assuredly looking for any trace of the “hate” and “racism” that the media and leftists have tried to smear us with, especially over the last 12 months. Finding no indication of anything even close to these sentiments, the reports, while sometimes factually inaccurate, were almost universally positive in the portrayal of what the reporters witnessed that day.

Even so, some of the local Danville flag haters and faux "news agencies”, frustrated by the fact that the event turned out to be one of the largest events in the Danville area this year, and that 700+ people came together, peacefully honored their ancestors, and left without incident or any display of hate or animosity, took to their blogs and social media to try and discredit the effort with the same old tired talking points.

My favorite is the one directed at me, personally, and is laughable. The reason, they say, that we (the Virginia Flaggers) have no business in Danville, is because we are not “from there”. Sound familiar? It appears that these Neo-Yankees are sharing talking points. I have said it before and I will say it again. Danville is the Last Capital of the Confederacy. As a 9th generation Virginian and the Great Great Grandaughter of FOUR Confederate Veterans who fought from, and for, Virginia, I have not only the right, but the RESPONSIBILITY to stand up and speak out when her Confederate history and heritage is under attack… in Danville, or WHEREVER it may occur across the Commonwealth and beyond. The double standard and hypocrisy is stunning. Civil Rights leaders are quick to travel across the country to any small town or big city where they perceive there has been injustice, and are welcomed with open arms and red carpet treatment, but Southerners are, apparently, only supposed to speak out about or protest injustice within the limits of the city or county in which they happen to reside....?

I even heard one “news reporter" comment that almost all the speakers at the event were from “out of town.” Apparently, he has no clue as to how a typical Confederate Memorial or Flag Dedication services is held. This event was so big, so well supported, and so widely anticipated… that we were able to have State and National leaders come and bring greetings on behalf of our heritage organizations. It was an HONOR to have the SCV National Commander of the Army of Northern Virginia, under whose command the Danville SCV camps reside, come from his home in North Carolina. It was an HONOR to have the State President of the Order of Confederate Rose and the leader of the ANV Mechanized Cavalry travel from their home near Petersburg. It was an honor to have the SCV North Carolina Division Commander travel from his home. We had heritage leaders from South Carolina and North Carolina bring greetings, in addition to numerous LOCAL residents from the UDC, SCV Mechanized Cavalry, and the HPA. In addition, Danville residents led the Invocation, led the salutes, spoke about the life of General William Lewis Cabell, assisted in the Color, Honor, and Artillery Guards, and were given the honor of raising the flag. All 14 flag projects have been financed almost completely by contributions from Danville area residents, who also have done the lion’s share of the work in constructing and maintaining the sites.

Finally, there is the sentiment by a few flag haters, that, when all is said and done, we are just mean spirited people trying to “get back” at City Council for what they did. They wouldn’t really mind what we were doing (they say) if only we’d be “nicer” about it. Newly elected Danville Mayor Gilstrap echoed the sentiments of those who voted to remove the flag who continually tell us we all need to “move on”, now that the decision was made. Apparently, those of us who refuse to do so, are held entirely responsible for any conflict that has arisen since the flag was ripped down almost a year ago. Curiously, the matter came up repeatedly over the last ten years or so, and every time it did, City Council voted to keep it flying... and yet the flag haters never "let it go" or "moved on", but kept continually pushing to have the flag removed.

Where were these council members and community leaders then? Why didn’t they step up and tell everyone it was time to “move on” and leave the flag alone, when council voted to leave it alone as little as 9 months before the vote that FINALLY capitulated to the haters? As for the statements that we are “mean spirited” in our efforts...? Stuff and nonsense. Our behavior has been above reproach. If there were anything in our actions, words or deeds that was unacceptable or inappropriate, it would be front page news by now. There is nothing mean spirited about what we have done, but there is certainly, flowing within our veins, the same spirit of determination and refusal to back down that our ancestors carried into battle some 150 years ago.

I am utterly amazed at how our folks, who have a tendency to want to fuss and bicker among each other, have come together and stood shoulder to shoulder and pushed back to make all of this possible. I can’t help but wonder…to those who criticize our actions…what would you do, if City Council voted to take down a symbol of, or monument to, YOUR history and heritage…?

We stood in Council Chambers on August 6, 2015 and warned members that there would be serious consequences if they voted to desecrate our monument and break the agreement made with the HPA. Council members decided that pandering and capitulating to a few agitators was more important than honoring their word, the history and heritage of Danville and the wishes of the majority of her citizens. .

12 months and 14 massive roadside Battle Flags in Danville later, we have kept our promise…and we have not yet begun to fight.

Susan Hathaway
Va Flaggers


New Weapon Added to Flagger Arsenal - Mobile Flagging Unit Makes Its Debut on the Boulevard

On the Boulevard today, the Va Flaggers gathered for our weeknight flagging, and for the introduction of the newest weapon in our arsenal....

This vehicle was a news station weather satellite truck in its former life.

Over the past several months, it has undergone a transformation, and has been outfitted to extend a 70' pole and fly a 10x15 flag!
There is still body, paint and detail work to be completed, but we wanted to give her a test run, and the results exceeded our wildest expectations.


This is a photo from the Boulevard, several blocks from the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts:

The possibilities are endless and we are excited about the opportunity to take flagging to new heights in our fight to RETURN the flags...and RESTORE the honor.

We had a meeting last night after flagging, and with the restaurant owner's permission, raised the flag behind the restaurant.  Everyone got the chance to see the mechanics of the truck, and cars kept pulling in the parking lot to find the flag.  This was the view from Krispy Kreme Donuts on Broad Street, a few blocks away...

Have we mentioned...that flagging is FUN?!?!

RETURN the flags!
RESTORE the honor!

Va Flaggers



We received the following commentary from a supporter, and are sharing, with his permission...

We are living in a truly revolutionary time.

Despite all efforts by the MSM, by virtually all other establishment powers, and by all the Armageddon types, Great Britain and the UK have walked back their marriage to the EU. This is the peaceful version of what the South tried to accomplish in 1861.  We were denied our wish for self-government, first expressed in Magna Carta, and the results have been nothing short of catastrophic for the entire world ever since.

Proponents of collectivists government would scorn me, but so what ?

Government with the consent of the governed took a giant step forward in BREXIT.  May lady liberty take many more steps, and not wait too long.

Lastly, as Jackie Gleason used to say, “How sweet it is !”  The BREXIT vote, 150 years later and on a global scale, vindicated Jefferson Davis when he said, “I am quite sure that the issues for which we contend will reassert themselves in future generations…”.  The efforts to suppress this vindication are seen all around us, from the denigration of southerners, to the disregard for our traditions, our monuments, and especially in the vitriolic attacks on the Confederate Battle Flag and its praiseworthy supporters, the Virginia Flaggers.

BREXIT blows it all out of the water !

This is not the end of the conflict, but it may be the end of the beginning which started at Runny Meade, stepped forward at Yorktown, was temporarily crushed at Appomattox, but has now gathered up its skirts once again and stood tall at BREXIT.

I cannot believe (yes I really can !) that the headlines on our papers are not as bold as they were in declaring VE and VJ Days.

Jack Turner, Beaverdam


"It's a vindication of 1,000 years of British democracy," commuter Jonathan Campbell James declared at the train station in Richmond, southwest London. "From Magna Carta all the way through to now we've had a slow evolution of democracy, and this vote has vindicated the maturity and depth of the democracy in our country."
"A lot of people's grievances are coming out and we have got to start listening to them," said deputy Labour Party leader John McDonnell.
Indeed, the vote constituted a rebellion against the political, economic and social Establishment. All manner of groups — CEOs, scientists, soldiers — had written open letters warning of the consequences of an exit. Farage called the result "a victory for ordinary people against the big banks, big business and big politics."

 Va Flaggers


Va Flaggers: Danville Update: Va Supreme Court Responds/New ANV Flag for 58 Bypass

We received word yesterday that the Virginia Supreme Court ruled that it will not hear the appeal of a Danville judge’s decision that upheld City Council's removal of the Third National Confederate flag from a monument on the grounds of the Sutherlin Mansion.
A petition for re-appeal will be filed and we remain hopeful that one judge will see the validity of the case and the petition will be granted.

This is a minor setback, to be sure, but this fight is far from over. Justice will prevail and the flag will return. In the meantime, we are having all kinds of fun beautifying the landscape in Danville with Battle Flags!

Thanks to a generous gift from one of our supporters, we recently purchased SIX new custom-made Army of Northern Virginia Battle Flags!

We are proud to announce that the Danville flag crew has just raised the first 20x20 of these new flags at the Danville 58 bypass site, after completing some upgrades at the site, which included added security and the installation of lighting.

The Va Flaggers wish to thank all who made this possible, especially our special donor who helped provide the flag, and the flag crew in Danville who have worked so hard to install and maintain the 15 new flags that have been raised since the Danville City Council voted to remove one tiny Third National from the Confederate Monument on the grounds of the Last Capital of the Confederacy last August.
Stay tuned...more projects in the works...we have only just begun to fight!
Meanwhile, the Heritage Preservation Association (HPA) is in its fourth month of flagging the Last Capital.  Support is growing each week, and the HPA invites you to join them THIS Saturday, at 10:00 a.m, as they forward the colors in at the Danville Museum of Fine Arts and History.


Virginia Flaggers


Va Flaggers: More Massive Battle Flags Raised in Danville, Virginia

Early morning, Saturday, May 21st brought heavy rain to Southside Virginia, that tapered off just prior to the 10:00 a.m. scheduled start time for flagging at the Danville Museum of Fine Arts and History on the grounds of the Sutherlin Mansion, the home that served as the Last Capitol of the Confederacy.
The sun was shining by 11:00 a.m., when 54 folks had gathered on the sidewalk in front of the museum.  So many, in fact, that we were able to spread out and cover both sides of Main Street!

The Heritage Preservation Association (HPA) has been flagging in Danville every Saturday for the past 12 weeks.  A reporter asked HPA President Wayne Byrd how long they were going to continue flagging. His response was quick and firm "Until the flag is put back up!"
The response by Danville citizens was overwhelmingly positive.  Honks, waves and shouts of support came from most of the vehicles that passed by and we had good conversations with many pedestrians who stopped by to see what was going on.  Shortly after we arrived, a man approached with three dozen donuts.  He said he had driven by a few minutes earlier and felt compelled to come back and bring us a treat to thank us for being out there and forwarding the colors.


We were thrilled to be joined by about a dozen members of Actbac out of Alamance County, NC.

Out of the many good conversations that day, there was one that was out of the ordinary.  It is not unusual for people of color to agree with us, and/or express indifference about our flags or monuments, but one black man who stopped to talk with us took it a little further than that. 

Mr. Lee had something on his heart he wanted to share and I asked his permission to share a bit of what he told us.  "It came down for a reason because it's time for us to stand up.  It's time for us to rise as Southerners."

The HPA will continue flagging each Saturday 10:00 a.m. - NOON.  Grab your Third National and join them as they forward the colors, educate the public, and remind Danville City Council that as much as they would like to "move on", there are plenty of us who will #NeverForget.

News coverage here:  http://wset.com/news/local/confederate-flag-supporters-rally-outside-of-danville-museum
After a quick lunch, we gathered to raise the first of THREE roadside battle flags that afternoon.
At the first site, which is on Hwy 58 in Danville, we were excited to have Rev. Dr. Herman White join us and help dedicate the 8x12 flag that will fly on a 30' pole.

Local heritage groups brought greetings and the crowd cheered as the flag was raised and dedicated to the Glory of God and in memory and honor of our Confederate heroes. 

From there, we headed north on 29, to the site of an 80' pole, to raise a 20' x 30" battle flag.

Once we left that site, it was just a short drive South on 29 and we reached flag site #3 for the day, #13 for Danville, and #23 in the Commonwealth. 

The final flag we dedicated was at the home of Mr. Anderson, and he brought out this photo of his Great Grandfather, Robert Anderson, a Confederate Veteran.

Mr. Anderson is a vet himself, and it was a real honor to dedicate the 13th Flag raised in Danville since August of 2015 to the memory of Private Anderson and all of our Confederate heroes. What a treat to get the chance to meet Mr. Anderson and what a poignant reminder that for so many of us involved in this fight...it's personal.

It was an incredible ending to an absolutely beautiful day in Danville.

These memorials were constructed and financed by the efforts of numerous local Danville citizens, who vow to continue to raise more flags until the historical flag is returned to its rightful and legally protected place on the grounds of the Last Capitol of the Confederacy.

Huge thanks to the Danville flag construction crew for their amazing efforts, and for the outstanding cooperation and effort on the part of the Danville HPA, SCV, UDC, SCV/MC, OCR and ANV/MC.

The 13 huge flags that now fly in Danville are a testimony to God's grace...and proof of what we can accomplish when we work together for our Cause!

There will likely be a decision on whether the appeal will be heard in the next few days or weeks. 

Va Flaggers


Va Flaggers:JEB Stuart Portrait Returns to Display in Patrick County Building

Shortly after Patrick County Judge Martin Clark committed the disgraceful  act of having a portrait of Patrick County native and Confederate General J.E.B. Stuart removed from the Patrick County Courthouse, and following a swift and very vocal outcry of disgust with Judge Clark's action by her citizens,  the Patrick County Board of Supervisors voted  to display the portrait on the "Wall of Honor" on the second floor of the Patrick Veterans Memorial Building. The portrait has been restored and encased in special glass, and a new bronze plaque has been installed.

Tomorrow, Thursday, May 12th, the J.E.B. Stuart Birthplace Preservation Trust will host an official and public unveiling of the portrait, on the anniversary of his death.  The ceremony will take place at 10:0 a.m. and will include Patrick County and town of Stuart officials, Stuart family members, and JEB Stuart re-enactor Wayne Jones, who organized and led a rally to protest the removal on the Courthouse steps shortly after the portrait was removed, and who will be a guest speaker at the event. 
The ceremony is open to the public. The Patrick Veterans Memorial Building is at at 106 Rucker St. in Stuart, Virginia.
In this case, the PC attempt by Judge Clark to remove a beloved hero and Patrick County son from public view failed miserably, and has led to the portrait being restored and put on display in another public building where it can be seen by even more citizens. 
Please take a moment to thank the members of the Patrick County Board of Supervisors for their efforts in having the portrait installed on the Wall of Honor, and their courage in going against the popular trend to dishonor our veterans. 
Contact info here:  http://www.co.patrick.va.us/county-supervisors

God bless the memory of Gen. J.E.B. Stuart, and God Save the South!


Va Flaggers: Roadside Memorial Battle Flags Update

The Virginia Flaggers are pleased to announce the installation of lighting at the Wade Hampton I-95 Memorial Battle Flag Site in Prince George County.

The flag will now be illuminated each night and will be visible 24/7.
Special thanks to Major Willie Wells and the men of the Army of Northern Virginia Mechanized Cavalry who co-sponsor this site, and installed the lighting this week.

Last weekend, flags were lowered at all 19 flag sites, ahead of sustained high winds forecast across the Commonwealth. 
By taking the time to remove the flags and get them out of harm's way, we are able to save wear and tear and be the best stewards of the resources with which we have been provided. The flags were closely inspected for any damage and swapped out for repairs as needed.  
Dozens of volunteers took time out of their day to make sure these flags are protected, and to raise them back again when the threat had passed. 

​One of several new flags raised to replace worn and damaged flags in Danville, VA

We call these folks the Guardians of the Flags, and we owe them a deep debt of gratitude for their hard work and willingness to answer the call for help, often on short notice! Thank you, gentlemen, for your dedication to the Cause for which we stand!
Susan Hathaway
Va Flaggers

Virginia Flaggers
P.O. Box 547
Sandston VA 23150


Va Flaggers: Pensacola SCV Hoists Massive Roadside Battle Flag On I-10

Congratulations to our friends in the Stephen R. Mallory SCV Camp #1315, Pensacola, FL, who raised a 15 FT X 25 FT Confederate Battle Flag on a 71' pole on the North side of I-10 near mile marker 36 over the weekend!

​A dedication and cavalcade drive by will be held at 10am on Saturday, April 9th to commemorate Confederate History and Heritage Month in Florida.

Pensacola is once again the City of Five Flags...only this one is a whole lot bigger than the one they took down!  Well done, gentlemen.
"For every flag removed, a thousand more will rise to take its place..."
Susan Hathaway
Va Flaggers

Virginia Flaggers
P.O. Box 547
Sandston VA 23150


Va Flaggers: Preliminary Injunction Halts Monument Removal in New Orleans!


"HUGE MONUMENTS NEWS UPDATE: We are thrilled to report that the United States Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals has granted a preliminary injunction to stop the City of New Orleans from moving forward with the removal of the monuments. This injunction will remain in place while the case is on appeal!!" - Jonathan Maki

Happy Easter, Mitch! 

Susan Hathaway
Va Flagger


Va Flaggers: Charlottesville "Tear Down the Monuments" Rally Report and Update


On Monday night, March 21st, Charlottesville Mayor Mike Signer submitted the following, very revealing "statement", concerning City Council's plans for the Confederate monuments in Charlottesville.

On Tuesday, March 22nd, members of the Virginia Flaggers joined several dozen history and heritage supporters to protest a press conference held in Charlottesville's Lee Park, by Charlottesville City Council Vice-Mayor Wes Bellamy to announce plans to tear down the RE Lee statue and change the park name. 

Monument supporters reported that Bellamy and others ranted that  Robert E. Lee was "trash" that needed to be disposed of, and blamed the memorial for everything from "racism" to "homophobia".  The vicious attacks were difficult to hear, and monument supporters are to be commended for their brave stand, and excellent conduct in the face of blatant hate and bigotry.


One of the highlights of the event was the opportunity to flag and engage Councilman Kristen Szacos, who was the first to call for the removal of the monuments several years ago...

​A big thanks to ALL who came out to take a stand! 

Later in the afternoon, we released the following statement:
March 22, 2016
Richmond, Va

"The Mayor, Vice-Mayor, and Councilman Scazos are wasting the taxpayers’ money and time by proposing the removal of the monuments in Charlottesville, in clear violation of Virginia state law. (15.2-1812 - Memorials for war veterans)
The governor’s recent veto of the proposed amendment did not change the law, nor does it allow for the removal of monuments and memorials. In fact, the Virginia legislature reaffirmed the law’s original intent. Thankfully, it is still illegal to remove monuments and memorials in the Commonwealth, and our veterans’ memorials are safe from the mob mentality of the PC revisionists and haters in Charlottesville and across the Commonwealth.
We believe that Charlottesville City Council members should have better things to do than to pursue these self-serving publicity stunts that only serve to divide us and create animosity in the community
Neither the Virginia Flaggers, nor the citizens of the Commonwealth are going to stand by and allow this ISIS like destruction of our history and heritage. If Charlottesville City Council decides to ignore the law and pursues this repulsive purge, they will face serious consequences…in civil and criminal court… and in the court of public opinion, which according to all available public polling on the subject, overwhelmingly supports keeping the monuments right where they are. "
Call to action: 
*Continue to contact Charlottesville City Council:  An email to this address:  council@charlottesville.org will be sent to each Council member, the City Manager, Assistant City Manager, and the Clerk of Council.
You can also use this link to contact each council member individually via phone and/or email: http://www.charlottesville.org/departments-and-services/departments-a-g/city-council/council-members

Stay tuned for more information, updates, and opportunities to join the fight!
Susan Hathaway
Va Flaggers

Virginia Flaggers
P.O. Box 547
Sandston VA 23150


Va Flaggers: RE Lee Statue in Charlottesville Latest Target of PC Purge Attempt

Charlottesville Vice-Mayor calls for removal of the magnificent RE Lee equestrian statue, and wants the park renamed:

"Charlottesville's vice mayor is calling on City Council to take down a statue honoring Confederate general Robert E. Lee and rename the park that surrounds it.
Vice Mayor Wes Bellamy and his supporters will hold a press conference in Lee Park on Tuesday. Bellamy says this is a chance for the community to stand together to show the city that it's time for change.
He says the Robert E. Lee statue has symbolized a lot of different things since it was installed in 1924. Bellamy believes city leaders need to take action when anyone in the community feels disrespected.
“I've spoken with several different people who have said they have refused to step foot in to that park because of what that statue and the name of that park represents. And we can't have that in the city of Charlottesville," Bellamy said.
Charlottesville City Councilor Kristin Szakos faced strong criticism a few years ago for questioning the relevance of the Confederate statues."
Apparently, the Vice-Mayor's "supporters" include the members of this group "Unity in the Community"...

Are YOU mad enough yet?
Call to action:
*Call and/or email City Council members ASAP and voice your displeasure with this proposal.  Remind them that removal of monuments is still protected by Va State law. and is listed on the Virginia Landmark Registry and the National Register of Historic Places.   Ask them if they really want to bring this kind of disunity and unrest to their city by disrespecting the history and heritage of its citizens.  Tell them to leave our monuments and memorials alone.

An email to this address:  council@charlottesville.org will be sent to each Council member, the City Manager, Assistant City Manager, and the Clerk of Council.
You can also use this link to contact each council member individually via phone and/or email: http://www.charlottesville.org/departments-and-services/departments-a-g/city-council/council-members

“Duty is the most sublime word in our language. Do your duty in all things. You cannot do more. You should never wish to do less.”  ~ R. E. Lee


Va Flaggers: Dixie Rising: Momentum Shifts after Post-Columbia Rush to Remove Confederate Symbols

For some time now, I have dedicated a portion of my lectures and speeches to the fact that I believe that we were starting to see a real turnaround in the fight to save our heritage.   Many of us felt that the winds of change were blowing across the country and momentum was shifting our way.  As more and more folks have decided to step up and speak out, the push back has continued to grow and we are starting to see real results and more and victories in the fight for our heritage.  Yesterday, it was very refreshing to find someone in the national media willing to say the same thing:

“The pendulum has gone the other direction, where it’s no longer about trying to take away the emblems,” said Dane Waters, a political consultant who worked on a failed effort this year to remove the battle flag from Mississippi’s state flag. “It’s now about protecting them and insulating them from future efforts..."

With each new assault against our heritage since the lowering of the flag in Columbia, we have witnessed Dixie rising.  Despite a very organized attempt to prevent the sale and distribution of Confederate flags, there are now more flags flying than ever before. Citizens are beginning to shake off the fear of being called names, and stand up and speak out against those who, up until this point, had very little opposition.  Our heritage organizations have seen an explosion in membership and inquiries from people wanting to get involved, and the SCV is leading the fight in many states.

Our legislators, leaders, and elected officials are learning that there will be a price to pay if they side with the haters and against our history and heritage.  We have seen courtrooms and city councils filled with Confederate supporters unwilling to stand silently by, flag rallies increasing in number and participants, and new highway flags rising up across the country.  Grass roots organizations such as the Save Our Circle group in New Orleans have organized and waged effective campaigns to save our monuments, outside of our heritage organizations.

While this is all very encouraging and certainly cause for inspiration, it is by no means a time to become complacent, and return to the lulled state that allowed all of this to happen in the first place.  Now, more than ever, we must continue on the OFFENSIVE…getting our flags back up where they have been removed, pushing forward with legislation to make sure our monuments and memorials never fall prey to the PC demands of  the angry mobs that have been allowed free reign, and, of course, installing new flags and monuments for our own memorials.  

The tide is turning.  There will be many more battles to fight, and likely more setbacks along the way, but we can and will suppress this second Reconstruction when we, like our Confederate ancestors before us, find the courage to stand and raise our voices to drown out those who have had the floor and the ears of our legislators and elected officials for far too long. 

Stay tuned for more opportunities to get involved…keep a close eye on what is happening in your own backyard…and now more than ever…

​Photo courtesy of Connie Chastain

Susan Hathaway
Va Flaggers

Virginia Flaggers
P.O. Box 547
Sandston VA 23150


Va Flaggers: Last Capital of the Confederacy Old South Ball 4-2-2016

Less than three weeks away!  Make plans to attend...
From the event website:  

Take a trip back in time and join us on April 2nd, 2016 for an event you will not want to miss!
Following the success of last years Sesquicentennial Old South Ball, the Last Capital of the Confederacy proudly presents the 2016 Old South Ball in the historic downtown Danville, Virginia.
All profits to benefit the Virginia Wounded Warriors Program (Virginia Department of Veterans Services)
Join us for a good time with good folks benefiting a good cause!

Details and ticket purchase information available here:
Danville City Council chose to desecrate the Confederate memorial on the grounds of the Sutherlin Mansion.  Come to Danville to support those who are fighting the good fight...and help us paint the town Confederate Red!

Virginia Flaggers
P.O. Box 547
Sandston VA 23150


Va Flaggers: Gov. McAuliffe Vetoes Veterans' War Memorial Protection Bill

The Governor of Virginia has bowed to pressure from the NAACP and liberal Democrats and announced today that he has vetoed a bill that would have strengthened the protection of Veterans’ monuments and memorials in Virginia. Because of their political shenanigans, ALL veterans’ monuments and memorials in the Commonwealth may be at risk. The Governor has effectively spit in the face of every veteran, living and dead.

Virginia War Memorial, Richmond, VA
From the Governor's office:
RICHMOND – Today Governor Terry McAuliffe vetoed House Bill 587, which would hamper the authority of Virginia local governments to make their own decisions about monuments or war memorials within their jurisdictions. 

The Governor also directed Secretary of Natural Resources Molly Ward, the former Mayor of Hampton, to form a work group with the Department of Historic Resources to begin a dialogue and study best practices about how to balance the preservation of history with the legitimate concerns many Virginians have about certain types of monuments and memorials.
The Governor’s full veto statement is below:
March 10, 2016
Pursuant to Article V, Section 6, of the Constitution of Virginia, I veto House Bill 587, which overrides the authority of local governments to remove or modify monuments or war memorials erected before 1998.
The rich history of our Commonwealth is one of our great assets. My administration strongly supports historic preservation efforts, including the preservation of war memorials and monuments. However, this legislation would have been a sweeping override of local authority over these monuments and memorials including potential ramifications for interpretive signage to tell the story of some of our darkest moments during the Civil War.

There is a legitimate discussion going on in localities across the Commonwealth regarding whether to retain, remove, or alter certain symbols of the Confederacy. These discussions are often difficult and complicated. They are unique to each community’s specific history and the specific monument or memorial being discussed. This bill effectively ends these important conversations. 

I am committed to supporting a constructive dialogue regarding the preservation of war memorials and monuments, but I do not support this override of local authority.

Accordingly, I veto this bill.

Terence R. McAuliffe

This, less than a year after McAuliffe made the public statement "LEAVE ALL THE STATUES ALONE", when asked about the future of Richmond's Confederate monuments.   http://m.nbc12.com/nbc12/db_/contentdetail.htm?full=true&contentguid=od%3anY1X7UA4&pn=&ps=#display
This announcement is evidence of McAuliffe's inconsistency and hypocrisy, considering it comes on the heels of two other major press releases about preserving battlefields and a second season of a "Civil War" mini series ($$$)...issued just days before he vetoed a bill that would protect the monuments and memorials honoring the men who died defending the Commonwealth. 


If you would like to let the Governor know how you feel about his decision, you can reach him here... https://governor.virginia.gov/constituent-services/communicating-with-the-governors-office
Bottom line?

By vetoing the War Memorials Protection Bill, our carpetbagger Governor has made it very clear that he stands with the liberal Democrats in the Virginia Senate (House Democrats overwhelmingly supported the measure) and the NAACP who petitioned the Governor to veto the bill, and against ALL of Virginia’s veterans. This, in a very public way, is done without truly harming our Cause.

The fact is, his veto is worthless. This bill ONLY served to tighten a possible loophole in a Virginia Statute that ALREADY protects our Veterans’ monuments and memorials. The law still stands. He knows it does... and that it’s just a matter of time until the Supreme Court says the same.


Va Flaggers
Virginia Flaggers
P.O. Box 547
Sandston VA 23150


Fwd: Va Flaggers: I-95 Wade Hampton Flag Raised in Prince George County


Saturday morning, we woke to temperatures in the low 20's, and as I added layers and gathered cold weather gear, I considered that the frigid temperatures would likely mean a small, but dedicated crowd at the flag raising in Prince George later that morning. The forecast called for cloudy skies and high winds, but by the time we arrived at the site, the sun made an appearance and when the service began at 11:00 a.m., and to our amazement, over 150 folks had gathered to be a part of the dedication ceremony.

The Edmund Ruffin Fire-Eaters Camp #3000 Color Guard opened the ceremony, accompanied by Pipe Major David Hinton.  Army of Northern Virginia Mechanized Cavalry Major Willie Wells shared information on the history of the Great Beef Steak Raid, and Wayne Jones of South Carolina spoke about General Wade Hampton. 

Honks of approval from passing vehicles began even before the flag was raised. This trucker actually pulled his rig over right on the side of I-95 to take photos in the middle of the ceremony! 

This project was a joint effort of the Virginia Flaggers and the Army of Northern Virginia Mechanized Cavalry, and the lion's share of the site work was done by Willie Wells.  To honor him for his hard work and dedication the honor of raising the flag was given to four generations of Wellses...Willie Earl Wells, Jr., Willie Earl Wells III, Wade Hampton Wells, and Kamdin Wayne Wells, all helped hoist her high, while Pipe Major David Hinton played "The Bonnie Blue Flag".  The brisk wind meant that she immediately flew at full sail, to the cheers and delight of all who had gathered. 

After the flag was raised, the Captain William Latane Camp #1690 Color Guard fired a rifle salute, followed by a cannon salute, benediction and a rousing rendition of "Dixie's Land" by all in attendance.

The I-95 Wade Hampton Memorial Battle flag was dedicated to the Glory of God and in memory and honor of General Wade Hampton and the Confederate soldiers who fought and died in defense of the Commonwealth.  She will also fly as a 24/7 reminder that there are still many of us with Confederate blood flowing through our veins who are no longer willing to sit quietly by while our history and heritage, and the honor of our ancestors is attacked.

The visibility of this location is stunning, and we were able to get several good photos from I-95, and with the help of Judy Smith Photography, Jeff Seymour, and our friends at Tredegar DroneWorks.

​​View from I-95 Northbound Lane

​Aerial view courtesy of Tredegar DroneWorks

The Virginia Flaggers and the Army of Northern Virginia Mechanized Cavalry wish to thank each and every person whose generosity made this project and this glorious day possible, including James Bibb and the folks at "Just Go Detecting", who raffled off a hand made ANV battle flag, the proceeds of which paid for the custom 20' x 20' battle flag that was raised.  We were pleased that they could attend the ceremony so that we could thank them in person...

Thank you all for your continued support.  This was the 18th roadside memorial flag raised in the Commonwealth, and the third on I-95 since the fall of 2013, and we are every day in awe of the way God is moving and working among His people, to further His kingdom and our Cause.
Susan Hathaway
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