Va Flaggers: W&L Chapel Desecration Update - An Anonymous Letter

Occasionally, we receive letters such as the one below, with no return address or signature.  This particular one is so full of misinformation and false statements, that we decided to share it and our reply here, in the hopes that the "anonymous" author, and anyone else who may have been misled, might see it and be educated.
The author's comments are in black, our responses in red...
"I was on the W&L campus this weekend.  I saw your people at the entrance to the Chapel lot and I saw the little flyer you were handing out in different places."  Good to hear!  Nice work, Flaggers!  :)
"My great great grandfather fought for the Confederacy and was killed at Petersburg." God bless him!  What SCV Camp or UDC Chapter to you belong to?
"Yours is a sad and puzzling effort.  Let's get the fact straight. 
1)  There were NO flags in the Chapel for 60 years after Lee died, and no evidence that Lee wanted flags there". We are not sure what facts you are "straightening" here.  We have never heard anyone claim there were flags in the Chapel before 1930 and do not dispute that fact.  You claim there is no evidence that Lee wanted flags there.  We assert that there is also no evidence that Lee DID NOT want flags there, despite what the Chapel docents have been instructed to tell visitors.  "2)  The real flags were there for 60 years from 1930 until about 1990, NOT until 2014, as your brochure so incorrectly states."  Actually, it was 1995 when the original flags were removed for preservation and restoration, as they certainly should have been, and reproductions were secured and put in their place, as they certainly should have been.  Our brochure states that the reproduction flags were removed in July of 2014, which is correct.  
"3)  They were removed over 20 years ago by the MOC because they were deteriorating.  In their place, W&L got some commercial knock off/replica flags which have no more historical value than something I could buy in an Alabama K Mart." As stated before, we have no issue with the arrangement, made in 1993 between the University, the UDC, and the Museum formerly known as the Museum of the Confederacy, to restore and preserve the original flags.  However, you, Sir or Madame, are greatly misinformed if you believe the replica flags that were carefully placed were something that one could purchase at a department store.

As can be seen in the above photo, the flags were custom made to precisely replicate the unit flags that were removed for restoration.  They were and are of great "significant historical value", and as the flags of several units who fought under General Lee, completely appropriate as displayed in the mausoleum.  
4)  W&L has removed these knock offs and is getting Real battle flags on loan from the MOC (now known as the American Civil War Museum).  Yes, W&L has removed the replicas, but it has absolutely NOTHING to do with the plan to restore and preserve the original battle flags, which was a project started by former President Elrod, NOT President Ruscio.  Removing the replica flags was NEVER a part of that project, and is completely unrelated.  The flags were removed in capitulation to the demands of 6 W&L Law Students who threatened "Civil Disobedience" if the flags were not removed.  University officials have used the (1993!) agreement  as a smokescreen to cover for this fact, and, apparently there are those like you who have swallowed the spin... hook, line, and sinker.  
4)  Those flags WILL be available for viewing and education in the Lee Chapel Museum; anyone who wants to see them can see them.  
Bravo!  We are happy to hear that the 1993 agreement and project is (apparently) coming to completion.  The Virginia Flaggers will be the first in line to get a look at the flags if/when they appear in the museum.  The conclusion of this project, however, had NOTHING TO DO WITH THE REMOVAL OF THE REPLICA FLAGS IN 2014.  The removal was a capitulation to the demands and blackmail of 6 students who the university obviously failed in their duty to instruct in the character and honor of Robert E. Lee.
These are the indisputable facts.  On the contrary, your assertions have been clearly disputed above.  How is it possible that The Flaggers think there is a crisis and that anyone other than you is or should be outraged?  For starters, there are the thousands of letters, phone calls, and emails from outraged citizens, students, and alumni that the University has received since the blackmail letter was received in April.  Anyone with Confederate blood in their veins who is NOT outraged by this desecration is not worthy of his/her heritage, in our humble opinion.  You are accusing W&L of desecrating Lee's grave when his remains are on the floor below the room with his statue?!  Yes, we are.  The mausoleum above the grave is clearly intended as an extension of his final resting place.  You are now calling Robert E. Lee IV out of line?  Actually, what we said was we are disappointed that he would privately believe that removal of the flags was ok, and saddened that he would allow himself to be used by the University as a means to cover their deeds.  We stand by both statements.  His blood line is certainly one to be honored, but it is does not allow that he is free from criticism when it is due.  People south and north are laughing at you.  Oh...well in THAT case... (Sorry, couldn't hold back the sarcasm.)  We do what we do because we believe it is right.  No amount of scorn, especially from folks who have no clue what has happened, and no understanding of our heritage, will stop us.  You are feeding those who think the old and new South if full of reactionary nuts.   One man's "reactionary nut" is another man's Patriot, and I know on which side my ancestors and I stand on.  Please devote your time to something logical and productive. You saw us and received and read a flier...sounds pretty productive to me.  End your carnival act in Lexington.  No. Believe it or not, there are those of us who refuse to be silenced by silly threats and PC hogwash.  We will not go away quietly and act like nothing has happened.  We will continue to do everything in our power to spread the truth of what has happened at W&L, and hold Ruscio and the administration responsible for their despicable act.

The Va Flaggers will return to the LEE Chapel at Washington & Lee University this SaturdayNovember 22nd, 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.  We invite all to join us, and stand with us as we protest the University and educate students, citizens, and tourists.  204 W Washington St, Lexington, VA 24450
RETURN the flags!
RESTORE the honor!
Grayson Jennings
Va Flaggers
P.O. Box 547
Sandston VA 23150


Va Flaggers Update: High-Flying Confederates

A reporter from Style Weekly contacted us today about a recent post on our FaceBook page, so we released the following statement, shared now with all:

"The Virginia Flaggers are pleased to present the following photos, taken during research, development, and testing of drones that were acquired recently to assist in our heritage defense operations. 


In addition to assisting in heritage defense projects, we are excited about the prospects for their use in capturing and recording unique images and video at Confederate Memorial Services, ceremonies, parades, protests, and other events, which would be available to participants and as media releases.  We believe that the drones will also be helpful in scouting possible sites for additional Interstate Memorial Confederate Battle Flags, assisting with research on battle fields, and helping to record and research information from previously undiscovered or inaccessible cemeteries. 

As we do with any operation, we are carefully testing the units and training operators, while researching all applicable laws and regulations to ensure we operate within the existing guidelines, and to secure the safety of our Flaggers, as well as the protection of citizens and property.  

As more testing and further development takes place, we will provide further updates and share additional information.

We hope you enjoyed these incredible photos from the Capital of the Confederacy, and invite you to consider lending your support to our heritage defense efforts.  

Who are we?  The Virginia Flaggers are citizens of the Commonwealth who have come together to stand AGAINST those who would desecrate our Confederate Monuments and Memorials, and FOR the honor of our Confederate Veterans."

See the article here:  http://www.styleweekly.com/richmond/high-flying-confederates/Content?oid=2138444

Susan Hathaway

Virginia Flaggers
P.O. Box 547
Sandston VA 23150


Va Flaggers Update: Confederate Flag to Fly in Danville!


"City Manager Joe King announced today that the City Council will consider a resolution at its November 6, 2014 meeting stating that it has determined that under Virginia law, the City does not have the legal authority to remove the Confederate flag flying on the grounds of the Danville Museum of Fine Arts and History. The City Manager received a September 30, 2014 letter from Cara Burton, Executive Director of the museum, conveying her board of directors’ request that the City of Danville remove the Confederate flag. The November 6th resolution directs the City Manager to notify the museum Board of Directors that it cannot consider its request."
Information we received indicates that YOUR contact with City Officials made a HUGE difference.  We know that calls, emails, and letters were running 10-1 SUPPORTING the flag!
Last night, supporters filled the City Council Meeting, and spoke 10-2 in favor of leaving the flag. 


"By the time council members walked out of their closed meeting and entered council chambers for the regular meeting, every seat was taken — mostly by people holding Confederate flags."

Truly a joint effort, the Va Flaggers were honored to be a part of a group that included the local Heritage Preservation Association, Danville SCV and UDC, OCR, Mechanized Cavalry, and concerned citizens from Danville, across Virginia and the South who came together to stand against the Danville Museum of Fine Arts and History's request to remove the flag from the Sutherlin Museum.
God bless all those who took the time to support the efforts in Danville...and God Save the South!

Susan Hathaway
Virginia Flaggers
P.O. Box 547
Sandston VA 23150


Va Flaggers: Danville Update/Call To Action URGENT!

REMINDER:  Tomorrow night, Tuesday, October 21st, the request from the Danville Museum of Fine Arts and History to Danville City Council, asking that the Memorial Third National Flag on the grounds of the Sutherlin Mansion be removed, will be discussed immediately following the 7:00 City Council Meeting, in a closed session.  The City Council will then reconvene and discuss the request in a public session
The folks in Danville have requested our help in two ways:
1)  CALL CITY COUNCIL TODAY, and politely but firmly ask them to honor the 1994 Resolution AND Virginia State Law, and REFUSE the request of the Museum Director to remove the memorial. A list of contact numbers is provided below.
2)  Attend the council meeting tomorrow night.  We need to pack the meeting with supporters and send City Council a strong message.  We are asking all who can, to meet at the Courthouse at 6:00 and take a seat early. 

Buckner, JamesCouncilmanEmail(434) 792-1207
Campbell, Lawrence G. (Larry), Jr.CouncilmanEmail(434) 793-9493
Gilstrap, JohnCouncilmanEmail(434) 792-7143
Jones, AlonzoCouncilmanEmail(434) 791-4773
Miller, Gary P., MDVice-MayorEmail(434) 799-0908
Rawley, Albert K. (Buddy)CouncilmanEmail(434) 203-7868
Saunders, Sherman M.MayorEmail(434) 799-8737
Shanks, Fred O., IIICouncilmanEmail(434) 797-3355
Vogler, J. LeeCouncilmanEmail(434) 792-0937
Whitfield Jr., W. ClarkeCity AttorneyEmail(434) 799-5122
Spencer, Alan B.Assistant City AttorneyEmail(434) 799-5122
Now is your chance to stand in the last Capital of the Confederacy, and be counted!  PLEASE speak for those who no longer have a voice.
Address for directions/GPS:  427 Patton St., Fourth Floor, Danville, VA  24541
PLEASE help by forwarding this email to all who may have an interest in this matter.

Susan Hathaway
Virginia Flaggers
P.O. Box 547
Sandston VA 23150


Va Flaggers: VMFA Update - "But No More Than That..."!


By Ellen Robertson (Richmond Times-Dispatch – November 11, 1993)

"The R.E. Lee Camp of United Confederate Veterans voted to deed a chunk of the Confederate Soldiers’ Home grounds at Grove Avenue and the Boulevard as a site for a state museum of fine arts 60 years ago this week.

The Veterans approved a site of about 300 feet fronting the Boulevard and a 175-foot strip along Grove Avenue for what would become the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, a structure to cost $250,000.

But no more than that, the veterans emphasized. They still hoped the rest of the property could be developed as a Confederate memorial park.

Gov. Garland Pollard said work on the museum would begin immediately."

"But no more than that, the veterans emphasized." The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (VMFA) exists today ONLY because of the generosity of the Confederate Veterans who donated the land for the museum to be constructed. In return, less than 100 years later, Museum and Virginia officials have stolen the rest of the of land, and stripped the Confederate Memorial Chapel of its Battle Flags.
The Virginia Flaggers entered our THIRD year of flagging the VMFA with nearly 2 dozen flaggers on the Boulevard onSeptember 27th, including Flaggers who traveled from as far away as Tennessee and Confederate Mizourah to join us! 


Our Flaggers were on the Boulevard for a full day, and were surprised and thrilled when a delivery of pizza showed up, courtesy of an anonymous supporter!  :)

Beautiful weather meant plenty of opportunities to talk with museum visitors, residents, and tourists, and a Russian news station stopped by for an interview...

Flagging has continued, throughout October, twice a week, with October 1 marking the three year anniversary of the very first flagging.

Three years of forwarding the colors, standing for our ancestors, and changing hearts and minds.  Even so, every flagging brings a new opportunity to educate.  These ladies stopped and asked (with great skepticism) about what was going on with "all the flags on the sidewalk". They listened to a brief explanation of the situation at the Confederate Memorial Chapel and left with fliers in hand, a new perception of our flags, and a new understanding of those that who carry them and why.

Midweek flagging brought a special surprise, as we were joined by a supporter all the way from ALASKA! We were so thankful that he took time out from his visit to come stand with us!
We enter our third year of flagging the VMFA with renewed determination and commitment to seeing the Confederate Battle Flags returned to the portico of the Confederate Memorial Chapel.
Join us, and be a part of those "taking it to the streets", and standing for our Confederate veterans.
RETURN the flags!
RESTORE the honor!
Grayson Jennings
Va Flaggers


Danville Confederate Flag Removal...Round 2

1st White House of the Confederacy, Montgomery, Alabama. (ABOVE) On March 4, 1861, President John Tyler’s granddaughter, Miss Letitia Tyler, raised the first flag of the Confederacy, the Stars and Bars, on the Capitol grounds. Today, a Firs
t National proudly flies on the grounds of the home and museum which is located directly across from the State Capitol building. The museum is a wonderful tribute to President Davis and his family, and a real treasure and asset to Montgomery's heritage and tourism.

Meanwhile, back in Virginia, at the LAST Capital of the Confederacy (BELOW), a Third National flag proudly flies on the lawn, marking the Sutherlin Mansion as the last residence of Jefferson Davis as President of the Confederate States of America.

"The Anne Eliza Johns Chapter 164, UDC was instrumental in saving “the last Capital of the Confederacy”, the old Sutherlin Mansion, home of Major William T. Sutherlin in Danville. President Jefferson Davis stayed there April 3-10, 1865 when he and his cabinet evacuated Richmond. The last full cabinet meeting was held here and this is where Davis received news of Lee’s surrender. When Mrs. Sutherlin died in 1912, the mansion was threatened with demolition. The Daughters raised $20,000, Half of the funds required, which were matched by the City of Danville. In 1912, the City deeded to the UDC two upstairs rooms in the mansion for a meeting place in appreciation of their work in saving the building. A wall was removed to make one large room which the chapter continues to use for its meetings. The room contains the marble table where Jefferson Davis wrote “The Last Proclamation”. The two chandeliers in the room are original to the house. There are many antiques and collectibles in the chapter room donated by friends including portraits of the Sutherlins and Anne Eliza Johns along with items purchased by the chapter such as the iron strong box which stored the gold brought to Danville by President Davis."(http://www.aejohnsudc.com/index_files/Page400.htm)

Through their generosity, the Danville Museum of Fine Arts and History was established. Fast forward 100 years, and museum Director Cara Burton has decided to repay this kindness by sending a letter to Danville City Council requesting the Third National Confederate flag be removed from the property.  Instead of honoring the heritage and history of the historic property,  the museum has chosen to make a request that dishonors the proud history of the Sutherlin Mansion, and disprespects the very organization to whom they owe their existence.

On October 9th, dozens of supporters of the flag attended the Danville City Council meeting to urge members to deny the request. The matter was discussed in closed session, and although comments from citizens were in support of the flag by a 4 to 1 margin, council members chose NOT to end the matter quickly, as they should have, by simply denying the request. Reportedly, more "research" will be done, and the matter will be discussed and action decided in another closed session meeting on October 21st, followed immediately by an open City Council meeting.

The Mayor and each member of City Council announced that they wanted to hear what the citizens have to say on this matter. Have you let YOUR voice be heard? Your ancestors can no longer speak. If you do not raise your voice in their defense, who will?

Please take time over the next 9 days to write, call, and email the Mayor, City Council members, and the City Manager's office. Be polite, but firm...and encourage them to honor the history and heritage of Danville and her people by denying the absurd request by the Danville Museum of Fine Arts and History. Ask them to honor the 1994 resolution and abide by Virginia State Law, which prohibits the removal of the memorial flag.

A City Council staff directory, with contact information can be found here: http://www.danville-va.gov/Directory.aspx?did=26

City Manager's Office directory here... http://www.danville-va.gov/Directory.aspx?did=7

ACT NOW...forward this information to help reach as many as possible... and make plans to attend the meeting on October 21st

Susan Hathaway​
Virginia Flaggers

P.O. Box 547
Sandston VA 23150


Va Flaggers: Danville Museum Wants Confederate Flag Removed - UPDATE


Many thanks to all of you who took the time to email, write or call the suggested contacts for the Danville Museum of Fine Arts and History, as well as the Danville City Manager and Mayor.
After reviewing the state and city ordinances, resolutions, and statutes regarding the Confederate memorial at the Sutherlin Mansion, we are confident that the outrageous request from the Director of the museum is BY LAW not permissible, and will be denied.
Still, we MUST remain vigilant, and ask that each of you, if you have not already done so, take a few minutes to write a polite email or make a phone call and let those involved know just how many people feel strongly about this matter.  Encourage Museum Director Ms. Cara Burton to withdraw her request, and urge the City Manger and City Attorney to deny the request and put an end to this nonsense.
Danville City Manager Joe King: 
(434) 799-5100
Danville City Mayor Sherman M. Saunders
 (434) 799-8737
City Attorney W. Clarke Whitfield, Jr.
Ph: (434) 799-5122
Fx: (434) 797-8972
Danville Museum of Fine Arts & History
975 Main Street
Danville, Virginia 24541
Phone: 434.793.5644
Fax:     434.799.6145 
Executive Director Cara Burton

This is the form email reply that is being sent from City officials:
Thank you for your email.
Please be aware that the Danville City Council has not yet had the opportunity to consider the request of the Board of Directors of the Danville Museum of Fine Arts and History to remove the Confederate flag from the museum grounds.  When it does, discussions will be conducted at announced times in public meetings.  City Council will seek public input on the matter before making a decision.  Please regularly check our municipal website, http://www.danville-va.gov, for news and announcements.
From the City Clerk this morning
"Next Danville Council meeting is Thursday Oct 9th @ 7pm.  Flag agenda not on Oct 7th agenda - per city clerk. She states flag agenda may be in Work session agenda immediately following council meeting across the hall.  Public is welcome to attend BOTH council and work sessions, but comments are not allowed in work session."
Based on this information, we would encourage any and all who oppose the removal of the Confederate Memorial in Danville, and who can make the trip, to attend both the meeting and work session Thursday night.  A strong showing, as a preemptive strike, will send a message to both museum and city officials.  427 Patton Street, Council Chambers, 4th Floor, Danville, VA24541
Thank you all for your support and efforts. 
Susan Hathaway
Va Flaggers


Va Flaggers Alert: Danville Museum Wants Confederate Flag on Lawn Removed



"The Danville Museum of Fine Arts & History's board of directors has approved a three-year strategic plan to create a new mission and vision that will drive new initiatives and partnerships.  As part of the initiative, the museum's board of directors recently asked the city "to remove the Confederate flag from the grounds of the Danville Museum of Fine Arts and History," according to a letter sent to City Manager Joe King.
The new theme for the museum, "The Last Capitol of the Confederacy, The Beginning of a United Nation," will help define the museum's goal to be more inclusive and improve the scope of its work, according to a news release from the museum. The new theme recognizes the museum's 40-year history and the legacy of the Sutherlin Mansion.
In the waning days of the Civil War, the mansion served as the final home of the Confederate government after the fall of Richmond. Danville is considered the "last capitol" because it marked the last time the full Confederate government met in one place before the armies in the field surrendered."

Contact information:
Danville City Manager Joe King:  (434) 799-5100
Danville City Mayor Sherman M. Saunders
 (434) 799-8737
Danville Museum of Fine Arts & History
975 Main Street
Danville, Virginia 24541
Phone: 434.793.5644
Fax:     434.799.6145 

Executive Director Cara Burton

Urge the museum to withdraw their request.  Urge the Mayor and City Manager to leave the flag display AS IS!

Susan Hathaway
Virginia Flaggers
P.O. Box 547
Sandston VA 23150

Va Flaggers W&L Update: Ruscio's Double Talk


It has become apparent to us, in talking with and hearing from W&L alumni and students, and even members of our own heritage organizations, that MANY good people have accepted President Ruscio and other university officials’ “smoke and mirrors” explanation for the recent removal of Confederate Battle Flags from the LEE Chapel.

We, and a growing number of others who have followed this entire incident since “The Committee” sent its letter of demands in April, see through these PR attempts and are committed to exposing the act for what it was…a lame, disgraceful attempt to appease 6 agitators.

Even a cursory examination of the press releases from the University finds that President Ruscio has engaged in double talk and rhetoric that even he cannot keep straight from one month to the next.

When the flags were stripped from the Chapel in July, Ruscio released a statement which included the following:

“In his letter Tuesday, the administrator said the purpose of the historic flags in a campus setting is to educate. “They are not to be displayed for decoration, which would diminish their significance, or for glorification, or to make a statement about past conflicts,” he wrote. “The reproductions are not genuinely historic; nor are they displayed with any information or background about what they are. The absence of such explanation allows those who either ‘oppose’ or ‘support’ them to assert their own subjective and frequently incorrect interpretations.”

This is very interesting double talk, considering Ruscio’s comments, made just a few months earlier:

Lee Chapel displays replicas of eight battle flags that represented different armies of the Confederate States of America, at the back of the chapel’s main floor, near the statue called "The Recumbent Lee." THESE REPLICAS ARE DESIGNED FOR HISTORICAL AND EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES. I am aware of no similar displayed anywhere else on our campus...”

So…according to Ruscio, (in April, 2014) the flags were displayed for “historical and educational purposes”…and yet by July, 2014, they have become a “decoration” and therefore their removal was required.

What REALLY changed between April and July?  What pressures were exerted that would force Ruscio and W&L officials to do such an “about face” and decide to desecrate the Chapel and dishonor the memory of General Robert E Lee and the thousands of Confederate Veterans with direct ties to the university?  We are determined to find the answers to these questions, and continue to fight this battle from all sides, until the flags are returned, and the honor is restored to the LEE Chapel.

Last week, we sent an update with new contact information for the Rector of the W&L Board of Trustees.  We received information that the email address was incorrect and have included the revised information below.  PLEASE continue to contact these folks and let them know that we have only just begun to fight.  FORWARD this and all communications to any W&L students and/or alumni so that we can counter the lies that are being told.

In the meantime, the Virginia Flaggers will be back at the LEE Chapel at Washington & Lee THIS SATURDAYOctober 4th, from 10:00 am – 5:00 pm, forwarding the colors and protesting the desecration of the RE LEE mausoleum by University officials. We will be handing out literature, and educating students, Lexington residents, and tourists about the forced removal of Confederate Battle Flags from the Chapel, in response to the demands of SIX W&L law students. JOIN US, and be a part of those taking a stand against this vile act of desecration, and for the sacred memory and honor of Gen. Robert E. Lee.

Contact Info:
J. Donald Childress
Rector of the Board of Trustees
Atlanta, Georgia

Kenneth P. Ruscio
President of the University

RETURN the flags!
RESTORE the honor!

Va Flaggers


Va Flaggers: Third Anniversary Celebration Picnic/Auction Report

Words cannot adequately convey the depth of our gratitude for the outpouring of support for our Third Anniversary Picnic/Auction. We were overwhelmed by the number of items received for the auctions and raffle... from supporters from New York to Texas! The picnic would not have been possible without the dozens of folks who helped with food prep, set up, organizing and leading activities, and clean up. Last but not least, we owe a deep debt of gratitude to those who attended, from all across the South, helping to make it our largest gathering yet, and generously bidding on the items donated. It was such a privilege and honor to have the opportunity to visit with so many Flaggers and supporters, and meet new folks who came to find out what we are all about.

Our goal was to raise enough money to order an additional flag for the Fredericksburg site, so that we would have an extra to use when repairs are needed, etc. Initial numbers from last night’s event show that we not only met that goal, but we exceeded it…by AT LEAST threefold…and the final tally will not be known for a few more days.

The final item auctioned was the first 
flag flown at the Chester I-95 Memorial Flag Site, raised one year ago yesterday,  a 10' x 15' AOT. It sold for a high bid of $200. After the auction, the gentleman who won the bid, one of our most dedicated Flaggers, quietly told me that he was donating the flag BACK TO THE VA FLAGGERS, to be auctioned again.

To say I was moved by his generosity and commitment to the Cause is an understatement.  "Who could not conquer with such troops as these..?" General Thomas J. Jackson, CSA

We could not have asked nor hoped for a better celebration of our Third Anniversary and the First Anniversary of the I-95 Memorial Battle Flag at Chester. To each and every one of you who had a part in making it, and our first three years, such an amazing success, we THANK YOU, and covet your prayers and continued support as we embark on our fourth year, with our spirits uplifted, our hearts full, and with a renewed determination to continue to forward the Colors and defend the honor of our Confederate Ancestors.

God bless you all, and God Save the South!

Susan Hathaway
Va Flaggers


Va Flaggers: VMFA Mass Flagging TODAY

Va Flaggers report from the front line! Full court press at the VMFA today, as folks in town for our Third Anniversary picnic/auction are joining the Flaggers for an all day flagging, 9:00 am - 3:00 pm. A dozen flaggers are already on the ground on the Boulevard in the Capital of the Confederacy, with more expected to join us throughout the day.

If you have ever wanted to come see what we are all about, and/or are ready to take a stand for our ancestors, and against those who have desecrated the Confederate Memorial Chapel, today is a great day to get out and turn talk into action!

The VMFA Virginia Museum of Fine Arts forced the removal of Confederate Battle Flags from the portico of the Confederate Memorial Chapel, on the sacred grounds of the Old Soldiers' Home in Richmond. The Veterans can no longer stand up and speak out. Will you?

If you cannot join us today, please take a moment to call the VMFA and voice your concern. Ask them to honor ALL American Veterans and return the Confederate flags to the portico of the Confederate Memorial Chapel. Call 804.340.1563 TODAY... and phone in support for the men and women on the sidewalk at the VMFA.

Online auction opportunity! Many of you have requested that we offer an opportunity for an online auction, for those of you who won't be able to make it to the picnic on Sunday, but want to participate. We have two items available for online bids, both bids starting at $19.99. The auctions end Monday night at 7:00 EST. All proceeds benefit the Va Flaggers.

Approximately 7.5 inches wide by 10.5 inches high
Woodburning on irregular pieces of wood cut from a tree branch
Created and donated by Ms. Valerie Protopapas.

1917 Edition with inscription and signature of Mrs. George Pickett.

RETURN the flags!
RESTORE the honor!

Grayson Jennings
Virginia Flaggers


Va Flaggers: W&L Lee Chapel Desecration Update: The Tar Heels Arrive!

A group of flaggers from the Old North State traveled to Lexington this past weekend to protest Washington & Lee University after University officials stripped Confederate Battle Flags from the chamber of the LEE Chapel, desecrating the final restingplace of Gen. Robert E. Lee and dishonoring Lee and all Confederate veterans. They filed this report:

"The flagging during the Washington & Lee University Alumni Homecoming was a great success. From the moment the Tar Heels set up at the entrance in front of Lee Chapel, motorists and pedestrians alike got a clear view of Confederate soldiers and their flags of honor. The streets were filled with parked cars and visitors flooding into Lexington for the homecoming events. The weather was perfect and pedestrians traveled the sidewalks all day.

Over the course of the day over 100 fliers where handed out, people stopped to talk to the flaggers and were upset to hear about the desecration of the LEE Chapel. Motorist honked horns, waved and shouted their thanks to the flaggers for their continuous efforts to restore the flags. Many cadets from VMI stopped to salute and shake hands with the flaggers, most in disbelief of how General Lee has been disgraced by the very University that would not be in existence today, if not for his efforts.

Students and Alumni frequently stopped to ask questions about the flags, uniforms, the soldiers, Lee's character and why the school would cave into six student’s demands so easily. Camera phones were out in force as passers-by tried to get the perfect shots of the Confederate soldiers, many pulling over to get out of their cars and buses to have their photo taken with the soldiers.

A family of first time visitors to Lexington said that seeing the soldiers out in front of Lee Chapel was the best part of their day and that they couldn’t believe how Lexington and Washington & Lee University is now ashamed to honor the Confederate soldier. Of course, not all of the students and visitors were as open minded. On the occasion where a supporter of the flag removal approached us, it gave the flaggers a perfect opportunity to educate them and debate the issues at hand, and afterwards, most left without animosity, and with new information which will hopefully spark further investigation about what the war was truly about .

In all, the flaggers made a big impact along the sidewalks of Jefferson St. Students and Alumni we spoke with vowed to write letters and let President Ruscio know of their displeasure. Many will go to their friends and pass the word along. Let’s hope this makes a big impact on the return of the flags and the restoration of honor."

-Jamie Funkhouser- Tar Heel Flagger

Call to action:
CALLING ALL CONFEDERATE COLOR/HONOR GUARDS!   Following up on the phenomenal success of the Tar Heel flagging, we would love to see a uniformed Confederate color/honor guard on duty AT LEAST once a week!  We will help coordinate your visit, provide your men with literature to distribute, talking points to share, and assist in any way possible.  For more information or to schedule your participation, contact info@vaflaggers.com.

For those who cannot make it to Lexington, we ask that you, once again, let University officials know that the desecration of the RE Lee Chapel is not acceptable. This week, we have added the contact information for Mr. J. Donald Childress, Rector of the Board of Trustees.  We ask that you contact him, in addition to President Ruscio, and continue the pressure that has been continually and effectively applied since the flags were ripped from the Chapel walls in July.
Contact Ino:
J. Donald Childress 
Rector of the Board of Trustees 
Atlanta, Georgia

Kenneth P. Ruscio
President of the University
RETURN the flags!
RESTORE the honor!

Grayson Jennings


Fwd: Va Flaggers: Confederate Archives Update

While the Va Flaggers have been busy fighting heritage violations, erecting Memorial Battle Flags and working to honor our Confederate Veterans, our Confederate search engine project - ConfederateArchives.com - has been quietly and very successfully expanding under the direction, guidance and hard work of TriPp and Jack Lewis. Please read the following update, including information regarding the exciting new Confederate Descendant Finder Project, share the information with others, use the search engine, and add any Confederate data that you find or possess...

ConfederateArchives.com – Launched 03/2013
Total links – 2.4 million links
Total Searches since 05/2013 - 987,477
Confederate Descendant finder Project - 1,654,612 descendants and counting

Confederate Archives is a fully functioning search engine that searches the internet for websites and data concentrating on Confederate history from 1828 to present day. Type "Lee" on other search engines and notice how many results are generated for LEE JEANS, for instance, instead of General Lee. Then try ours. The main purpose of ConfederateArchives.com is to record our Southern history and to be able to provide this content if/when other search engines are forced to censor what approved results will be displayed. We never will.

We provide a safe, family friendly search engine, screened of inaccurate, inappropriate, and false information, which will allow the documentation of our TRUE Southern Heritage and history for generations to come. Sounds good? We think so, too...and we need YOUR help to make this project successful. What can you do? USE IT!  When you're researching the WBTS, ancestry, or any search related to the CSA, use ConfederateArchives.com. The more it is used, the better the results will be when people search in the future.

Please add your favorite websites using the link on the front page of the search engine. Http://www.confederatearchives.com/

Type of websites we would like to add to confederatearchives.com: - Confederate Cemeteries - Confederate Soldiers Lists - Museums with Confederate Artifacts - Newspapers collections from 1828 thru 1941 - Current day news articles concerning Confederate History - Current day news articles on heritage violations. - Historical Documents between 1828 to present day. - UDC Websites - SCV Camp websites - Heritage defense websites - Art work and pictures - Maps - Genealogy pages with family tree information Love letters and letters to family members...AND everything else Confederate!

In February 2014, after reviewing the data we had collected for over a year it came to our attention that we could endeavor to find ALL of the descendants of Confederate Soldiers, even those still living. The Sons of Confederate Veterans membership is around 30k members. What if we could find the living descendants of soldiers and invite these folks into our organization(s)? Just imagine...

We are working on this. We have about six more months before we finish up and can start providing SCV camps and others an outline of how to use the data we collected as well as provide the procedures and needed information to raise an army of heritage defenders.

Total develop time on ConfederateArchives.com since 03/2013 – 288hrs.
Susan Hathaway


Va Flaggers: VMFA Update

Thursday evening saw a cool 74 degrees in the Capital of the Confederacy, and 8 Flaggers lined the sidewalk on the Boulevard in front of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (VMFA).  Traffic was VERY heavy and conversations were plentiful.  


Our Flaggers reported that even after almost three years of having a presence TWICE A WEEK at the VMFA, there are still many folks who haven’t heard of the desecration of the Confederate Memorial Chapel at the hands of VMFA officials.  Most agreed that if a Confederate flag belongs ANYWHERE, it’s on a Confederate Memorial, and most certainly on a memorial which was erected on the sacred grounds of the Old Soldiers’ Home/Confederate Memorial Park.

Response was almost all positive and encouraging.  It seems that, as is usually the case, the majority of residents, museum visitors, and tourists do not agree with the forced removal of Confederate battle flags from the portico of the Chapel.


Still, there is the occasional ill-bred, vulgar passer-by, and this report filed by one of our Flaggers is typical of their “drive by” behavior... As we were shuttin'  'er down this evening, some VCU type on his bicycle - filled with outrage and self-righteousness - blasted by us at the speed of a 9 mm and called us an ugly name. We were able to master our emotions and not dissolve in tears. But our challenge is to counter the false racist accusations with the very real accusations that these people are the "useful idiots" of a totalitarian regime.  "Ignorance is strength" - George Orwell, "1984."

A challenge, indeed…and one that we will continue to rise to meet, with our Battle Flags as our weapon, at least TWICE A WEEK, on the streets of Richmond, until the Confederate Battle Flags are returned to the portico of the Confederate Memorial Chapel.  

We return to the Boulevard tomorrow, Saturday, September 20th, 9:00 am - 1:00 pm. JOIN US, and be a part of those taking a stand against those who have dishonored our Confederate Veterans.  .

RETURN the flags!
RESTORE the honor!

TriPp Lewis
Va Flaggers