Va Flaggers Update: Romans Gets Served, New Flags For Danville, Labor Day Parade

Jonathan Romans Gets Served!

Guess who showed up on the Boulevard last week?  When our Flaggers arrived at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (VMFA) last Tuesday for an afternoon of flagging, they were quickly joined by this man.  Our readers may recall that Richmond Police had reported that they were unable to locate Jonathan Romans to serve him warrants for assault and disorderly conduct, issued after several recent attacks on our Flaggers.

Our Flaggers immediately called the police and VMFA security came out to assist.
After detaining him for nearly an hour, the warrants were secured and served.  Mr. Romans was not very happy and made quite a scene, yelling and attracting all kinds of attention.
He will soon have his day in court and we will follow up to make sure he is prosecuted to the full extent of the law.  October will mark 5 years of our ongoing protests at the VMFA, after museum officials forced the removal of Confederate flags from the portico of the Confederate Memorial Chapel, on the grounds of Robert E Lee Memorial Park, established in memory of the Veterans who lived and died at the Lee Camp #1 Old Soldiers Home.
We acknowledge and respect the rights of any citizen to do the same, but will not tolerate those whose behavior violates the law or who attack our Flaggers in any way.  The recent arrests and convictions are sending a clear signal to social justice warriors in Richmond that their uncivil behavior will not be tolerated, and we hope that Mr. Romans soon gets the same message.

At our last flag raising in Danville, Virginia, we asked for help from the attendees to collect the funds needed to pay for the 30' x 50' flag that was raised on Hwy 29 that day. We were absolutely thrilled when the Danville community ended up giving more than twice the needed amount, so that we not only covered the cost of the world's largest Confederate Battle Flag, but we were also able to order new flags for several of the other 13 Danville flag sites.
Last week, our friends at Sky High Poles were busy changing out flags, including this beautiful new Army of Tennessee Battle Flag now flying at the very first Danville Memorial Battle Flag Site, on 58 at the main bridge into town.
Maintaining these sites is a challenge, and we could not do it without the outpouring of community help and support that we have received, especially in Danville.  MANY THANKS to all of our supporters who have contributed to help raise and maintain these flags, and to the men who serve as guardians of the flags...in Danville, and across the Commonwealth!

On Monday, The Va Flaggers and the Army of Northern Virginia Mechanized Cavalry were invited to join the Powhatan Troop Camp #1382 SCV for the 5th annual Powhatan Lions Club Labor Day parade.
We were expecting a small crowd and brought about 7 dozen stick flags.  We were out of flags within the first 5 minutes. Support was overwhelming and we were greeted with applause and thanks the entire route, which was lined by thousands.
At the conclusion of the parade we visited the courthouse lawn and paid our respects at the Confederate monument there.  The men of the Powhatan Troop shared with us that they own the monument, the land it sits on, and 40 feet around the entire monument.  What a thrill to know that this memorial is safe from the hands of the PC history haters! 
Special thanks to the men of the Powhatan Troop, Camp #1382, SCV for the invitation and warm welcome. What a great day in Dixie!

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  1. Outstanding VA Flaggers! Well done and Happy Anniversary!