Va Flaggers: Support the I-75 Interstate Flag Memorial in Tampa

Many of you are aware of the beautiful flag site on Interstate 75 in Tampa, and like me, have long appreciated and admired the great work done there.  After speaking at the Raising of the World's Largest Third National Flag in the spring of 2013, and witnessing the awe-inspiring sight of that beautiful flag waving above the interstate,  I was inspired to come back to Virginia and begin a campaign to raise a flag here.  2 years and 6 Flag sites later... we owe a debt a gratitude to the folks in Tampa for their inspiration, assistance, and steadfast support of our efforts.

We received the following email from Michael Herring, asking for assistance in funding the purchase of two new flags for the site.  Last week, at our monthly planning meeting, we took up a collection from our Flaggers to help with the fundraising goal.  We hope all of our supporters will consider lending their support, as you are able, and help to get these flags ordered and up in flying in Tampa, as soon as possible.
To all,
It is time to order replacement flags for the site in Tampa. Confederate Memorial Park will enjoy the 6th anniversary this month and we need 2 new Southern banners to keep the populace aware that Florida and the South stood up to Federal tyranny and lost many of it' sons 1861-1865.
I plan to order a 30 foot by 30 foot Army of Northern Virginia Battle flag and a 30 foot by 50 foot 3rd National. Cost for the 2 flags is currently 2600.00 and this is the first call for action since January of last year. With an onslaught of anti-confederate sentiment occurring almost daily these sites on private property stand as a beacon for liberty and honouring the soldiers who gave the last full measure.
Please consider a generous donation by individuals, camps and chapters in the coming days. Any dollars collected exceeding the amount shown above will be held in reserve for future purchases.
Mail your personal check or money order made out to me and thanks for your support.
Forward the Colours
Mike Herring
1434 Misty Valley Drive
Brandon, Florida  CSA   33510

Thank you in advance for considering this worthwhile request.
Susan Hathaway
Va Flaggers

Virginia Flaggers
P.O. Box 547
Sandston VA 23150

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