Va Flaggers: THIRD (SURPRISE!) Memorial Battle Flag Raised in Lexington, Va Today

This afternoon, we were able to get back up to Lexington, and complete the installation of the THIRD (SURPRISE!) Memorial Battle Flag installed since Lee-Jackson Day earlier this year.  :)

While this flag is not quite the size and stature of the previous flags installed, it is likely to have just as much, if not more impact, due to its PRIME location.
We are thrilled to announce that a pole was installed today, and flag raised on private property INSIDE the city of Lexington, IN THE DOWNTOWN DISTRICT, located within the block between the Visitor Center of Lexington, and City of Lexington City Hall! 

We would like to once again, thank all of you who so generously supported us, and made it possible to have not just TWO flags in Lexington, BUT THREE (so far) !  

Susan Hathaway

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