Va Flaggers: W&L Lee Chapel Desecration Update 7-12-2014

Many thanks to the hundreds of you who have called, written, or emailed officials at Washington & Lee regarding the removal of the Battle Flags from the Lee Chapel.  We have received copies of many excellent letters, and have had reports of very interesting conversations held with, and responses received from school officials.

It seems that the staff is doing their very best to draw attention away from the fact that this decision was a surrender to the extortion-like threats of the member of "The Committee", who promised "civil disobedience" if the flags were not removed bySeptember 1st.  Their spin and propaganda is hard to swallow, especially in light of some new information that the Va Flaggers have discovered. 
The members of "The Committee" posed for this photo for the press back in April, shortly after their letter of "demands" was sent to University officials...

Other than the letter itself (attached) we heard very little from the students, until the announcement Tuesday by W&L President Ruscio that the school had caved to the demands and stripped the flags from the memorial.
Since then, the leader of the Committee, Brandon Hicks, spoke openly to the press, telling CNN:"It's about creating a climate on campus that everyone feels welcome," Hicks told CNN on why he sought the changes. He said some students felt uncomfortable with the flags at Lee Chapel.  "These are huge steps. We are ecstatic," Hicks said of Ruscio's announcement.
"Huge steps"?  As in just the beginning...?  What will these students demand next?  Now that they have won an easy victory, there is little doubt that they will stop their campaign of hate and discrimination, and will not be satisfied until every mention of Robert E. Lee and the Confederacy is removed from the school which he personally saved from extinction and which owes much to the Confederate veterans who helped build it into the University we know today.
“Students don’t have to sit in the same room as the flags anymore. I feel like we made a tremendous difference.” Brandon Hicks
Now, I have had the pleasure and honor of worshiping in the LEE Chapel on several occasions, and I can testify that this statement is a flat out lie.  First of all, the flags were in a chamber, behind the pulpit, at the rear of the Chapel.  There is no seating in that room.  The photo below depicts the view from the seating in the Chapel, itself.  Clearly, students NEVER sat"in the same room as the flags", although I would argue that they SHOULD be made to sit there, and taught the TRUTH of what they stand for.  Nevertheless,  this is further proof of the distortion of truth and outright lies these students are using, in their efforts to eliminate our heritage.  

Once he spoke to the press and posed for the photo, we were able to find out much more about Mr. Hicks.  Mr. Hicks, it turns out, is quite the activist, having been a speaker at "Race for the Ballot," a forum against a proposed family marriage act in NC.  Reports Pam's House Blend, "One of the kickoff sites is North Carolina Central University’s Student Union and Law School, which hosted a forum moderated by student leader of NCCU’s LGBT group COLORS, Brandon Hicks..."

We can only hope that this new information will serve to motivate alumni, students, and citizens to realize that this effort was nothing more than the manipulative work of "professional activists", attempting to force their views and intolerance on the rest of the University, AND the rest of us.  The Chapel in which Lee's remains are interred may be deeded to the University, but it BELONGS to all of us who love General Lee, the South, and freedom.
PLEASE continue to share our updates, and continue to make phone calls, write letters, and send emails.  We will have some new contact information tomorrow, so that we will start a new round of "mortar fire" on Monday morning.

Please stay tuned, and please STAY MAD!  We need EVERYONE to get involved and help turn this around!
RETURN the flags!
RESTORE the honor!
Grayson Jennings
Va Flaggers
P.O. Box 547
Sandston VA 23150

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