A Confederate Flagger in Alabama by Susan Frise Hathaway

Confederate Memorial Park, on the grounds of the Old Soldiers Home, Marbury, AL. One of MANY flag displays on this beautiful STATE PARK.
In March, I had the honor and privilege of visiting Pat & Butch Godwin in Selma, Alabama. I toured Selma, visiting many historic sites, including the spot site where the Nathan Bedford Forrest statue once stood in a museum courtyard before its forced removal to Live Oak Cemetery. I saw the neglected cemetery, and the ...construction site which now is abandoned, after the City Council bowed to Rose Sanders and her radical followers and revoked a construction permit, which would have brought great improvements and increased security to Confederate Circle there. I was horrified at the sight of the Nathan Bedford Forrest monument, missing the bust which was stolen months ago. I walked through the cemetery, visiting famous graves such as General Hardee, and paying my respects. What a beautiful treasure this cemetery must have been at one time. Neglect and decay have taken away the beauty, and a once proud city is now in ruins, much like the cemetery. I am in awe of the dedication of Pat and Butch and all of those who are fighting the good fight in Selma. I spent my days just listening and learning, and came away inspired by all that they have done and continue to do. I enjoyed a visit to Old Cahawba, Alabama’s first state capital, and marveled at the beauty of the riverside location. On our trip to Montgomery, I was impressed by the beautiful Confederate monument at the Capital, complete with Confederate flags flying proudly! The First White House of The Confederacy holds many, many treasures, and I highly recommend a visit there. Tim Hobbs, of the Tallassee Armory Guard, was an excellent guide in Montgomery, showing us many sites, including Oakwood Cemetery, which proudly flies a Confederate Battle Flag on its Confederate Monument! Perhaps the highlight of the visit for me was that afternoon, when we set out for Marbury, to tour the grounds of what used to be the Old Soldiers' Home. Imagine my surprise when we approached and found a beautiful gate, adorned with Confederate Flags. Just inside, there was another flag display, just as gorgeous as the first! A visit to the cemetery on the grounds found yet MORE CONFEDERATE FLAGS. I was overwhelmed to consider that this Confederate Memorial Park so proudly displays the flags of the men who lived and died there, while folks in Richmond are arrested for daring to carry one on the grounds there. Confederate Memorial Park in Marbury also houses a wonderful museum, full of information and artifacts about the Old Soldier’s Home and the men who lived there. There is also an Alabama Division, SCV library there, which contains many resources for SCV members and the public alike. I learned that all of this is the result of MANY folks who fought hard to make it happen and continue to fight each year to keep it funded. Kudos to the Alabama Division, SCV, and EVERYONE who had a hand in making Confederate Memorial Park exactly what it should be…a tribute to the Confederate Soldier! That evening , I had the great pleasure of speaking to the Tallassee Armory Guards, Camp 1921, SCV. I was blown away by this group of men and all that they are accomplishing…from raising flags on interstates…to erecting Confederate Monuments…to placing stick flags on Confederate graves through the area, these men are living the charge and it was an honor to address them and meet so many good folks.

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