Out Law the Confederate Flag!!!???

Good Morning!

The ongoing battle to suppress the South, outlaw the Confederate flag, and deny as well as distort history, is a crime against the honor and history of Southern people. It is a genocide being performed to satisfy the concept of a multinational people. And of all things it is being led by Southerners against their own people! If we do nothing evil will triumph. We must all do more. Martin Luther King proclaimed, "Civil disobedience to unjust laws is the commandment of God." He certainly was successful. We need a revival of Southern ideals, customs, beliefs, and truths.

During this month honoring the Confederacy, be worthy of your ancestors, don't be a goody goody "American" humbly begging to be allowed to keep a shred of your heritage. You are a member of a great people who are under attack and have been betrayed by their leaders. It is needed to defend the Southern people here and now and not just the noble Confederate soldier.

Thanks to:
Tennessee Confederate Flagger
Sister, Eileen Parker Zoellner

Deo Vindice!

Outlaw the Confederate Flag!!!???

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