If you have what it takes, join us!

We must have an obligation to have a clear, definable and substantive object of protest. Confederate Flagging is not a game or a pastime. It is a serious civic act and should not be undertaken frivolously or without legitimate cause or provocation. Trivial, ephemeral, vague or undefined goals are not legitimate objects of Flagging.

We ARE of proud Confederate blood and we should act as such. NEVER put a blemish on the memory of our supporters, flags, heroes or the honour they so richly deserve.... Period!

There will be other groups that will participate in many of our Flagging's, SCV, VA Flaggers, etc. WE must respect the relationship they share with us. We should never compromise their good name, goals or efforts.


1-No novelty flags or modified Confederate or state flags.

2-Be neatly dressed, no obscene clothing that shows disrespect to Confederate or state flags, heroes, our beloved Dixie or racist comments or images. Absolutely, NO profanity!

3-Don't take the bait!... Always respond to verbal or suggestive insults with a hand wave, smile and say God bless you. By doing this simple...You shall heap coals of fire on his head, and the LORD shall reward you. Proverbs 25:22... Respect everyone even if it makes you sick.

4-NO use or possession of alcohol, drugs or anything else that will leave an irreparable mark on the good name of all Flaggers and supporters of same.

5-Show respect to law enforcement.... Do NOT argue with them (you will not win!)You will find many in law enforcement that agree with our efforts.

6-Flagging will be directed by Brother Bill Hicks, our Sergeant of The Line will be completely in charge if present when TFG Flags. He has the knowledge to keep things moving and Southern manners to keep y'all out of trouble. If Brother Bill Hicks is unavailable, a Sergeant of The Line will be appointed and his/her directions will be followed without contest.

7-Do not speak to the press! A person will be appointed to handle this. Be most careful when speaking with anyone, direct questions to our spokesperson.... This must be done with the utmost respect

8-Always leave the Flagging area cleaner than found. Police the area often removing any trash.

9-Always be cheerful, waving and smiling.

10-Let us do our duty leaving an excellent example of Southern respect and honour.

If you have what it takes, join us! The below will be held private.

Contact bigmikeshff@yahoo.com - (423)652-0213





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