Flagging Lexington 2012...The Hallmark Lady!

My Lexington pole vigil story... I was standing across from two young men. Kirk Lyons' son and nephew, I believe. I watched a lady (and I use that term loosely here) get out of her car and approach them. She then proceeded to unleash a tirade of obscenities and insults at them. The young men, to their credit, never responded, stayed focused on their vigil, and ignored the woman. I called over to them to ask if I heard her right, and they confirmed. I watched as she went into the Hallmark store... and decided she needed flagging.

I crossed the street and took position in front of the store, expecting she was a customer and would come out shortly. Soon, the woman came to the front door, opened it and unleashed a tirade on me. She said that the Local SCV has threatened her with a boycott, that she hated our flag and that she was going to call the police if I did not leave. For the next 1/2 hour, she stayed at the door and every few minutes opened it to shout at me.

Needless to say, I did not leave...and returned to the same position the next day. I would say that for those who are keeping track of such things, McCorkle's Hallmark in Lexington is NOT flag friendly!

Join us for Lee-Jackson Day 2013...and the RETURN OF THE FLAGGERS! ~ VA Flagger, Susan Frise Hathaway (Little Sister)

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  1. Little Sister,

    We need to start calling you the Southern Belle of steel. ; ^ )

    "Southern Flaggers, made from steel of Southron blood. As our ancestors stood against overwhelming odds, they too stand, defending our heroes, flags and heritage." ~ PoP

    Love and blessings!

    Brother PoP