SCV MEMBERS, WNC FLAGGERS TURN OUT TO GREET PLANTING OF "OFFICIAL GOVTFLAGS"Waynesville - 15 SCV members & WNC Flaggers turned out this morning to fight an illegal ban on the Confedferate Battle flag and honor HaywoodCounty Confederate Veterans AND comply with Haywood County's interim"Display Policy" at the Haywood County Confederate Monument. The monument, placed by the UDC in 1940 on the edge of the Courthouse grounds honors all Confederate Veterans of Haywood County. Since the interim policy, adopted August 20, allows only "Official government flags (NC General Statutes 1447(c)(4))- the flaggers placed 2 Mississippi state flags, complete with Confederate Battle flag canton on either side of the monument. SLRC Chief Trial Counsel Kirk D. Lyons held a brief press conference with the local media before leaving to hand deliver a letter to the County Attorney, the Board of Commissioners and theCounty Maintenance Supervisor, warning them that the Mississippi flags are placed at the monument pursuant to & in compliance with the current interim policy and that premature removal of the Mississippi state flags from the monument constitutes theft & monument desecration. Bob Clark, the outsider attorney who began this controversy by complaining to theBoard of commissioners, was serenaded by the flaggers with Dixie as he walked by the courthouse. As always, and as every flagger knows, the response from passer by was tremendous. 2 couples and 3 local men stopped by and supported us by carrying flags, plus we received, honks, high fives and atta boys too numerous to count. It was a wonderful day. After the flagging, a local supporter treated all participants to a grand Chinese Buffet at the Green Dragon Chinese Restaurant The County's interim policy and the proposed policy is still unconstitutional & illegal. But should it be adopted, we have an allowable Confederate Battle flag variant, the Mississippi state flag, that is an "official Government Flag" that can be displayed on County property while the illegal ban on the Confederate Battle flag, for both the interim & proposed policy is fought out.The Haywood County Board of Commissioner's will vote on the proposed illegal flag ban policy on December 17. we will need maximum turnout on that day! Mark your calendar now. We will be beginning a citizen's petition soon!

Yours in the Cause!
Thomas Lee WillisChairman WNC Flaggers Executive Director SLRC Member, Isaac Newton Giffen Camp #758 SCV

Bill Hicks
SCV & Tennessee Flagger

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