Are Whites Being Threatened If Obama Loses The Election?

by Al Benson Jr.

During the 2008 election cycle white folks were told, quite plainly, that they were racists if they didn't vote for Obama. Guess you have to include me on that list because I didn't. Apparently many of them took that to heart and actually believe it was incumbent upon them to vote for Obama to prove they were not racists.  I wonder how many of these same people would be willing to vote for a white man to prove they are not Marxists like Comrade Obama. Probably not enough.

This year, though, it seems that the old "racist" label is not quite enough to enthrall the white folks into voting for Obama en masse and so the black Marxists have tacked  the threat of riots if Comrade Obama loses onto their list of subtle persuasions.

In an article on http://www.prisonplanet.com there was recently a sampling of emails from Obama supporters threatening mass mayhem if their golden boy should lose the election. The sheer literary content of some of these should show you where many of Obama's supporters are really at. One stated: "If Romney wins I'm starting a riot...who's WIT ME???"  Another one stated: "If Romney gets in the White House...U might as well kill me now...Cause it's gonna be a *******Riot!!" Still another gentle persuader stated that: "Need to come up with a game plan if Romney win...Riot all through Newark." There are several others mentioned in the article, most of the same literary caliber, all threatening general mayhem should Romney win the election.  If some of these gentle folk make good their boasts it would give Comrade Obama a wonderful pretext to declare martial law and start the government crackdown on all those terrorist home schoolers, ex-veterans and Christians--you know--all those potential terrorists who cling to their Bibles and guns.  He'd like nothing better and his core support just might be in the process of being programmed to do what he wants. They are what the Communists refer to as "useful idiots."

Who in his right mind can't see the threat here? Do what we want and re-elect Obama--or else! These people have been progrrammed into thinking that if Obama loses they will have to give up their "free" Obama cell phones, all the other freebies they've been promised, their food stamps and all the rest,  all of which they obtain at the expense of us folks who are still willing to work for a living. No wonder the economy is terrible, when those of us who still work are forced to foot the bill for those who won't. And these people are threatening to riot if they don't get more of the same. I wonder if they have ever stopped to consider who will pay for their existence when the middle class is gone. No, I doubt they have the capacity to think that far ahead. They want what they want and they want it NOW!

Has it ever occurred to these people how much like spoiled chlildren they sound--"give me what I want or I'll throw a temper tantrum!"

Does anyone still remember the Rodney King riots in Los Angeles? It was interesting that, during those riots, the one group of people that did not get bothered were the Koreans who protected their businesses by exercising their Second Amendment rights to keep and bear arms.  The rioters and looters left them alone because, quite frankly, they did not want to deal with people that would shoot back.  They wanted defenseless people to shoot at and beat up on.  Those that showed resolved in their own defense were left alone.  I suggest there might be a lesson there, should the unlikely occur and Obama ends up losing. I don't think that will happen, but in the event that the clique that controls both parties should, for some reason, do a flip-flop and decide they could get more out of Romney than they will out of Obama, it could.

In the event that such an occurrence does take place and Obama's supporters decide to take to the streets to vent their racism (because that's all it really is for most of them) then I think that those among the populace that share a determination to defend themselves and their property by exercising their Second Amendment rights will be pretty much left alone while the rioters go after easier victims.

The only variable in that equation is--should he lose--will Obama then declare martial law and come for everyone's guns so the rioters won't have any opposition?

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