Jamie Funkhouser updated his status (Reidsville)

Jamie Funkhouser 
 "Thursday in Reidsville was beautiful. I could not have asked for a better Confederate Memorial Day. I arrived in Reidsville just before sunrise. The ladies at the Carolina Cafe made a wonderful breakfast, and I met a familiar friend wile I was in there. It was good to sit down and talk to the man who has driven by the circle many of times and actually have a conversation with him. After the delicious breakfast it was off to the Monument Circle to stand guard and pay my respects to the Confederate Soldiers of Rockingham County and North Carolina. First, Farthest, Foremost. The weather was beautiful that morning, it was a nice sunny 72 with a wind just strong enough to keep my colors flying and my head cool. As the motorist drove by it was great to see their smiling faces, the sounds of their joyous "thank yous", the honking of their horns and to see so many with the "Save the Monument" stickers on the backs of their cars. After lunch, which was provided by the wonderful people of Mayberry Restaurant, I was joined in the circle by my fello compatriot Josh, who has been a great friend over the past year. We have stood together many of times in that circle, and it was an honor to stand with him again on this special day. Members of HPAC also came out and at one o'clock the Rockingham County UDC laid a wreath in the circle as they have every Confederate Memorial Day. Almost 20 people gathered on the corner across from the Monument Circle, to watch the wreath laying and to pay their respects. It was an emotional moment for me. So much has happened in that circle and it was touching to see so many come out to show their support. The local UDC President and Vice President stood in the circle with us for a while and thanked us for all we have done to help keep the fight going. We ended the day around 4:30. So many people had come into the circle to talk to us about how they remember the monument, who their ancestors were and some who had no idea what we were doing. But they all walked away smiling, saying to keep up the fight and bring the Monument back. "Thank you, were working on it", I always say. We will get the Monument back and I know this is the only Confederate Memorial Day when the Monument Soldier is not watching over Reidsville. We will get him back up!"   

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