Virginia & Georgia Flagger's Unite!

Billy Bearden & Susan Frise Hathaway

Virginia & Georgia Flagger's
Unite on the Field of Battle, Lexington, VA.
January 14, 2012

Brisk winds whipped Confederate flags and banners held by members of the Virginia Flaggers gathered Friday afternoon at Hopkins Green. The announced purpose of the assembly was to call for the defeat of Lexington Mayor Mimi Elrod in the November elections. Many flaggers carried bumper stickers with a Confederate battle flag reading “Boot Elrod” to emphasize their point.

Lawrence Martin had traveled from Charlotte for the event. An Army veteran who had been among the first advisers sent to South Vietnam in the early sixties, Martin said he had served under the United States flag for eight years. He counted three battlefield surgeons among his ancestors who served the Confederacy. “I served my country for many years, but this is my flag,” Martin said.

In a prepared statement, the flaggers specified their organization is not affiliated with the Sons of Confederate Veterans or United Daughters of the Confederacy.

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