Patriot Flaggers do not want cheers:

Our patriots that put themselves in the trenches do not want cheers from the sidelines, they want and need those people in the trenches with them.... Then we can all cheer together. Four or five people ain't gonna put a skeer on anyone. It's numbers "those people" fear." In mass we at least have a chance.

Too many think defending our heritage is something nice to debate amongst ourselves. Well that ain't gonna get anything done in the movement, the nose must be put to the grindstone once and awhile. Keep talking without action and watch the memory of our heroes, heritage, flags and honour fall into oblivion. We better start joining in and help each other before it's too late!

In my old age I have become hard nose but, I will speak my mind and expect same from others. We just ain't doing our fighting as we can and should!

I will stand up to "those people" with any patriot that will stand with me... As long as Our Lord allows me.... Will you stand with someone??

Brothers love and blessings,

The Southern American

Tommy PoP Aaron
PO Box 90095
East Ridge, TN. 37412

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  1. One thing the local SCV camps in the Monroe, Louisiana area do sometime in April is to put on what they call "flags across the Ouachita" where they post themselves on the Lea Joyner bridge over the Ouachita River that separates Monroe from West Monroe, Louisiana. They usually try to do this around rush hour and they will get anywhere from a dozen to twenty folks that will come out with all kinds of Confederate flags and stand on both sides of the bridge so all the traffic can see all those Confederate flags. Usually the response from the motorists is fairly positive, though you will get a sourpuss once in awhile who doesn't appreciate good flags. My son and I were able to go and take part one year and I think there were about a dozen flaggers on each side of the bridge. This is a great project the local SCV groups put on and it might be something other places that have bridges might want to consider.