ONLY Four Southern Patriots did Their Duty in Ringgold Georgia!!

Four Southern Patriots Stared Down Enemies of Southern Heritage and did Their Duty in Ringgold Georgia!!

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Ryan "29thtn, Ferrell "radio" and PoP

Ferrell "radio" and PoP's son, Chay.
A view of Downtown Ringgold.

SHAME on you that COULD have made it and didn't. A GREAT opportunity was lost as a big shot from Atlanta home office "Georgia Power" was there there! Details much later, As I promised Mark Williams "Georgia Power" a copy of my report before posting. Be patient as I am a man of my word.

I love my Brothers and Sisters but those that COULD have made it and didn't have shamed me and our Heroes. I know some could have shown-up.

Sorry if my frankness up-sets anyone but truth is truth.


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  1. God Bless you, PoP, and those who joined you! The Confederate Soldier was heard from, and GA Power received a powerful message, thanks to your efforts! Sure wish I could've been there!