Flagging the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts - Week 6

Flagging the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts
Week 6 – Midweek Flagging – Wednesday 11-9-11 1:00pm - 5:00 pm

Beautiful day in the Capital of the Confederacy for flagging on the Boulevard! Va Flaggers Susan Hathaway, Grayson Jennings, Tripp Lewis, Fred Merridew , and Darryl Stearns were joined by a surprise flagger from Culpeper: Capt. S.B. Dunn, of the 14th VA Cavalry, Co H, - Rockbridge Dragoons – who brought orders from his commander to stand with us and see to our safety.

We held two positions today…with one group flagging directly in front of the Executive offices and original entrance, and another taking position at the main entrance. The pedestrian traffic was slow at first, but picked up as the evening approached. We had many good conversations, explaining why we were out and what the VMFA had done. As usual, most people were unaware of the situation and many promised to call the VMFA and let them know they believe the flags should go back up. We gave out approx. 30 flyers, and, once again, Confederate flags were seen on the Boulevard by hundreds of pedestrians and passers by!

This week has seen a sharp increase in pressure and publicity. Monday, the Times-Dispatch published our editorial, which has gotten the attention of many people throughout the area. 6 weeks of flagging has many people stopping to see what is going on and why we are out there so often, and certainly has let the VMFA know that we are not going away!

We need to keep up the pressure – from ALL sides! Join us Saturday…we will be flagging from 11-3…. Make phone calls to the VMFA: (804) 340-1400… Tell them you want to talk to someone about getting the Confederate flags put back on the Pelham Chapel… Write the director of the VMFA, the Governor, and the Mayor of Richmond… Write an editorial to your local paper…and SPREAD THE WORD…share this album, email your SCV or UDC friends, talk about it at meetings. Momentum is on our side RIGHT NOW and we need to strike while the iron is HOT!

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