Flagging the VMFA - Week 4

The ‎4th consecutive Saturday of Flagging the VMFA brought a slightly cooler, but still beautiful Saturday in Richmond. A surprise visit from C.C. Lesters, all the way from Ft. Lauderdale, and Tripp Lewis and his beautiful family, brought our largest crowd of Flaggers to date.

Reaction was mostly positive today. Most people we chat with are unaware of the situation with the Battle Flags at the Pelham Chapel. We had a chance to discuss it with several folks, and distributed literature that details the situation and why we are on the streets with Confederate flags. Several people commented that they had seen us out here every Saturday and finally came out to ask us what was going on. It may be that they figured out we are not going away!

This Friday, October 28th, we are planning to stage an all-day flagging, hoping for enough flaggers to cover the block surrounding the VMFA from one end to the other. Ya'll come!

Virginia Flagger
Susan Frise Hathaway